MTech NS2 projects are rendered by our concerns for research scholars and students, who wish to work with NS2 simulator. NS2 is one of the powerful network simulator used by majority of scholars today due to its advanced functionalities. We have completed nearly 1000+ projects in NS2 with an immense satisfaction that our students feel contented with our work. Our experts and dedicated professionals work on your project with your involvement as we want our scholars to work on their project equipping their creativity and efforts in it. We offer 100% confidentiality support with in depth research on each topic to mine the best topic for you. This makes us world’s renowned institute with more than 50+ branches worldwide. You can approach us for your Mtech NS2 projects guidance and support. We will offer you a round clock support with the help of our dedicated professionals and networking experts. As a further step towards our guidance, we have provided few major research areas and topics in NS2.

Major Networking Areas for NS2:

Wired Networks:

  • Multimedia issues over wired networks
  • Multipath Routing protocols support
  • Cross layer approach in Routing
  • Link failure and Recovery
  • Detection of attacks in wired Network
  • TCP Issues in wired Networks

Wireless Networks:

  • Bio- inspired Routing protocol in wireless network
  • Trust and authentication based wireless network
  • Multipath Routing protocols in wireless system
  • Routing mechanism for Zigbee wireless networks
  • Bandwidth management and channel allocation
  • Hybrid cellular network with Ad hoc Network
  • Channel allocation and congestion control techniques
  • Integrity and data confidentiality in wireless networks
  • Buffer management techniques in wireless networks

 Wireless Sensor Networks:

  • Underwater sensor networks
  • Social sensor networks
  • Employing energy efficient routing protocols
  • Security and replica attacks in wireless sensor network
  • Trust and reputation based approach
  • Deployment strategies and approaches in wireless sensor network

Mobile Ad hoc Networks:

  • Selfish Node detection
  • Secure and privacy preserving routing
  • Clustering in Ad hoc networks
  • Data access management and cache management
  • Cyclic MANET
  • Secure and multipath routing in MANET
  • Cooperative transmission in Ad hoc networks
  • Prevention of data flooding attacks
  • IDS in Mobile ad hoc network

Vehicular Ad hoc Networks:

  • Sybil attack detection and prevention
  • Congestion control and avoidance in VANET
  • Opportunistic and intelligent routing protocol in VANET
  • Video streaming and secure routing
  • QOS support and handover scheme in VANET
  • Broadcast communication and beaconing in VANET
  • Bio inspired routing and data dissemination
  • Street centric Routing and multi path routing
  • Zigbee in VANET
  • Energy consumption and pseudonym management
  • Software defined network in VANET
  • Traffic differentiation and scheduling scheme

 Other Networks:

  • Satellite Networks
  • Smart Sensor networks
  • 5G Networks
  • 4G with LTE
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Body area Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Wireless Ad hoc Networks
  • Technologies like Bluetooth, zigbee etc


  • Using Dijkstra’s algorithm, co operative analysis of proactive and Reactive protocols
  • Detection of Malicious nodes using Soft computing in MANET
  • Assessment of distributed rate and power control in DSRC
  • Performance evaluation of Enhanced hybrid wireless Mesh protocol in VANET[Vehicular Ad hoc Networks]
  • Modeling of DSRC for vehicular safety communication using stochastic geometry approach
  • Specification based IDS for Camouflaging wormhole attack in Optimized link state Routing protocol
  • Using You tube Movie trailers, evaluation of ATMV2 mechanism over IEEE 802.11e HCCA
  • Stable path Routing for QOS enhancement in AOMDV
  • Home tele health system using Internet of things
  • Novel Routing methodology based on fuzzy logic for NGEO Satellite networks
  • Performance evaluation of HEVC over Delay prone wireless networks
  • Resilient Routing approach for Ad hoc Networks
  • Multi hop gradient projection Internal model controller with adaptive rate based congestion control
  • Selection of Network parameters for bilateral tele-operated manipulators in Wireless control systems.


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