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Our Master Thesis help includes:

  • Research Proposal writing
  • Problem Identification and novel conceptualization
  • Literature Survey[at least 100+ high impact factor journal papers]
  • Mathematical Model Formulation/Pseudo code writing
  • Research Methodology/technique
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Data analysis and collection support
  • Complete Code implementation
  • Performance Analysis and Results[Graphs/ tables ]
  • Additional Services:

                         -Synopsis Writing

                         -Journal Papers Writing/publication

                        -Conference paper writing

Thesis help in the following Research areas:

  • Machine to Machine communication
  • In cave wireless communication system
  • Technologies like Wi fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Max
  • Remote wireless communication
  • Wireless optical communication
  • Short range communication system
  • 5G Wireless communication system
  • Mobile communication network
  • 4G communication system
  • Satellite Communication system
  • Radar Network communication
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Social Network communication
  • Cyber security and network communication

Recent Research topics in Network Communication:

  • To avoid intentional barriers in large scale network, use of Multiplexing communication routes with proxy network
  • Substation automation high speed network communication system using MMS, TCP IP and Ethernet
  • Cooperative Multi user MIMO enhanced wireless communication using distributed simulation engine.
  • MI based communication systems for underground applications in wireless underground sensor Networks
  • Reliable and delay critical wireless communication using Robocup Robotic soccer application
  • Joint design of communication and control in wireless networked control systems
  • Reliable and safety analysis of wireless data communication for flight control systems
  • Feasibility study of trans-horizon, high capacity maritime wireless backhaul communication
  • Implementation and design of Industrial wireless gateways based on Zigbee communication systems
  • Adaptive data shaping technique for robust wireless video communication systems
  • Performance analysis of narrowband OFDM on integrated system of visible light wireless communication and power line communication
  • Challenges and opportunities of wireless communication technologies for smart grid based applications
  • Performance analysis of visible light wireless communication system based on white LED lightings
  • Radiation characteristic of photonic Antenna using Beam propagation method in Optical wireless communication


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