Network Simulator 2 projects, most frequently known as NS2 projects requires best result as per the concept which is the only motivation behind our work. Being No.1 organisation, we implement best NS2 projects in the world due to our renowned developers and experts. We have nearly 100 + world class developers working with us who has been awarded with basic certification in their respective domains. Our experience is vast, we are working in this field for nearly 7 years and up to now we have got best feedback for all our delivered projects. We are working for young scholars, and students from all over the world who have immense interest in NS2.

Network Simulator 2 projects can be used in various domains and fields; we are listing few domains for your reference:

  • Mobile Adhoc Network
  • Vehicular Adhoc Network
  • Under Water Sensor Network
  • Wired Network
  • Wireless Sensor network
  • Wireless Network
  • Network security
  • Cognitive Radio Network(CRN)
  • Social sensor Network

      These are the few areas we have listed above. But we can use Network Simulator 2 projects in broad sense. We welcome students who have any recent areas or ideas in NS2 projects. We believe in learning and updation, we never feel to work with static topics, we will be very happy, if our students find new ideas which we can help them to implement. Based on the above mentioned domains, we have enumerated below few topics which can help students to get a better overview about NS2 projects.

  • Wireless sensor networks:

                          –Wireless sensor Adhoc Network

                          –Wireless sensor Actor Network

  • MANET:

                          -Routing in Manet

                         -QOS Enhancement

  • 4G networks(LTE Networks)
  • 5G networks
  • Spectrum Sensing:

                        -Cooperative Spectrum Sensing

                       -Non-Cooperative Spectrum sensing

        Apart from all these above mentioned applications, we can also work on the Network attacks and Routing protocols used in networking. We are enumerating few attacks and routing protocols to get an overview about NS2 project applications:

Network Attacks:

  • Black hole attack
  • Sinkhole Attack
  • Sybil Attack
  • Denial of Service attack(DOS)
  • Wormhole Attack
  • Man in the middle attack

Routing Protocols:

  • Dynamic Source Routing
  • Optimized Link State Routing protocol
  • Ad-hoc On demand Distance Vector’
  • Power Aware DSR Routing
  • Zone based Hierarchical link state Routing protocol
  • Zone routing protocol
  • Fisheye State Routing Protocol
  • Power-Efficient Gathering in Sensor Information Systems


     These are the few basic routing protocols and attacks which are generally implemented using NS2. But we prefer most recent routing protocols and enhanced algorithms due to our knowledge and expertise. We have enumerated it for the reference of scholars, we don’t believe in static content and topics. We believe in creating topics, so we guide our students to create new protocols and implement it with our guidance. We can guarantee our students for best result using appropriate performance metrics. Students can get any kind of NS2 projects in any domain at any time.