Network Simulator for Linux is a need of budding scholars and students due to its performance and efficiency. Students can think, why we emphasize on Network Simulator for Linux , the reason behind this is the fact that we need to focus on every simulator. We are working for students from all over the world. We serve nearly 120 countries all over the world with our online guidance. Every student has different need and to satisfy their need is our ultimate goal. We have focused nearly all the network simulator used for Linux. We never limit our knowledge or tool, if students find any new tool; they can bring it to us. We will be happy to work on it as learning is our hobby. Most probably, we know every simulator and tool used today due to our skills of continuous updation.

      We have mentioned few Network Simulators for Linux below which briefs about each simulator.  Any query or doubt regarding any simulator, students can contact us as we have 24/7 customer service.

  • Ns2 simulator
  • Ns3 simulator
  • Line Network Emulator
  • PSimulator2
  • Open Stack All- in- one
  • Cisco IOS on Linux (Cisco IOL)

Ns2 simulator:

  • It provides complete flexibility for the investigation of network characteristic.
  • It is used to implement networking protocols like TCP, UDP and traffic behavior like Telnet, Web, CBR, FTP and VBR.

Ns3 simulator:

  • It has evolved to overcome the backward compatibility of Ns2. It provides Open simulation environment to perform real time simulation.
  • It supports both C++ and Python. It has a special package known as Pyviz which is a python based real time visualization package.


  • Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator/Simulator is mainly used for FreeBSD and Linux operating system.
  • It is a fast IP network emulator which can run 100 to 1000s of virtual network nodes on a single physical machine.


  • It is a network emulator, used to emulate a real time network .It provides realism, accuracy and powerful measurement capabilities.
  • It is also used to emulate IP networks and forwards network traffic generated by real Linux network stacks.


  • It is actually a script used to set up an Open stack installation on a single machine like laptop etc.
  • Researcher and students who wish to work cloud computing environment can make use of Open stack. DevStack is the best tool used for setting up an open stack environment.


  • It is used to implement basic IP networking concepts using its GUI(Graphical User Interface) environment. It runs on all the platforms which support Java like Windows, Linux and MAC OS.
  • Each node in the simulator act as a switch, router or host which can be programmed in java.


  • Cisco IOS on Linux is an IOS compiled for Linux x-86 platform. It is Cisco,s internal software which is most commonly known as IOU.
  • It is used to build a network topology without the use of physical routers on a single machine.