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NS2 Project Report structure: (Customized as per the university format)

  • Abstract/Research proposal
  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Problem Identification[in terms of networking algorithms, techniques, methods]
  • Research methodology employed
  • Algorithm and Pseudo code writing
  • Mathematical modeling and equation solving
  • System design and architecture[Architecture diagram, other supported diagrams]
  • Performance comparison and evaluation[using performance metrics like throughput, band width, packet loss, Response time, transmission rate, Error rate, processing speed etc]
  • Results and conclusion[support with graphs and table annotation]
  • Future enhancement
  • References

           We have provided a standard format compiled by our experts for students to get an outline about NS2 project report. But this is not our static format; we support students as per their university formats and guidelines. To get a better idea about NS2 projects, first have a glance over the below mentioned few recent topics in NS2

  • Validation of NS2 protocols for information security at Network layer
  • Electronic frog eye using Wi-Fi based Counting crowd
  • Trusted service composition in service oriented Mobile social Networks
  • Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks using energy efficient exponential decision MAC
  • Integrating optimization techniques and Adaptive Relay setting for protection coordination in Modern distributed grids.
  • Simulating torque Ripple of Motor drive under thermal variation conditions
  • Three dimensional Darchy flow [using OpenMP] and parallel stabilized mixed Galerkin method.
  • Powering for independent wireless sensors using miniaturized piezoelectric based Energy harvesting devices for NDT applications.


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