NS2 projects in communication, is one of our major service started with the collaborative efforts of top experts and technocrats from all over the world. Communication is a broad domain which includes both wired and wireless communication. Today, Majority of scholars work on wireless and mobile communication due to its emerging need. UMTS, LTE, Wi-Max, HDPA and WLAN are major wireless standards, which also paves its path towards research. NS2 projects in communication can be preferred in either wired or wireless communication as NS2 supports both the types of simulation. You can aid our support for your project if you wish to work in a dynamic environment intermixed by top experts and dedicated professionals. We have served students from nearly 120+ countries with the help of our online project guidance service. Students feel contented and satisfied with our service, which is one of the major reasons for our success within the short span of time [7 years]. If you wish to upgrade your profile with the help of our guidance, don’t wait for others, register with us today.

Major Research areas:

  • Visible light communication
  • Maritime Wireless communication
  • Underwater optical wireless communication
  • Device to device communication
  • Full duplex wireless communication
  • Wireless energy harvesting communication networks
  • 4G and 5G Network technologies
  • Zigbee wireless communication technology
  • Autonomous Mobile Mesh Networks
  • Zigbee wireless sensor Network’
  • Short range wireless communication
  • Smart grid wireless technology
  • FiWi Networks
  • Satellite communication network
  • Mobile Networks etc

Major Research issues:

  • Optimum Network selection
  • Optimization of Multi system scenario
  • Load balancing and system capacity
  • Smart antennas and Antenna for future 5G Networks
  • MIMO and Massive MIMO
  • Cognitive radio and spectrum sensing
  • RF Energy harvesting
  • Cloud based 5G Mobile architectures
  • Multi service architectures
  • Flexible centralized RAN architecture and C RAN
  • Convergence of CN and RAN
  • Novel mobility management protocols
  • Network function Visualization
  • SDN for wireless functionality
  • Multi tenancy architectures

Recent Research topics for NS2 projects in communication:

  • Performance analysis of various communication schemes in Wireless CORBA
  • Wireless traffic service communication system for Cars
  • Securing wireless communication system using location dependent key generation method based on multiple antennas
  • Congestion control mechanism for Industrial communication gateway
  • Wireless communication protocol for fleet management and agricultural macjine synchronization
  • Analyzing the impact of Wireless communication delay on load sharing among distributed generation system using smart micro grids
  • Technological study of propagation characteristic for maritime communication
  • Enhancing security in physical layer of wireless communication system for high speed railway
  • Disaster operations in self aligning wireless communication using communication coverage awareness
  • LTE wireless communication interface for on board oriented train control system
  • Employing strategic device to device[D2D] communications in backhaul constrained wireless small cell networks
  • Using Micro bump antennas, wireless chip to chip communication in 3D integrated circuits


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