NS2 Projects in Wireless Network are preferred by majority of scholars and students today due to its vast research scope.  Major issues like security breach, mobility management, routing optimization etc in wireless networks gives a new way for research. Its interdisciplinary nature and wide applicability makes it an evergreen choice for research. NS2 is one of the best simulators for simulating wireless network due to its enhanced features like real time emulation, easily programmable, configurable etc. We are working with NS2 for the past 10 years and have developed nearly 1000+ projects. We offer NS2 projects in wireless network for students from all over the world with the only focus on student’s satisfaction and contentment. Our major strength and backbone is our research team and dedicated experts, who imparts their entire expertise and experience for the upliftment of student’s career. As an initial step towards our guidance and support, we have provided few recent research areas, concepts and topics in Wireless Networks, which can be implemented in NS2. Let’s have a glance over it.

Types of Wireless networks:

  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Wireless LAN, PAN, MAN, WAN
  • Satellite Network
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Wireless Ad hoc Network
  • Wireless Security
  • Wireless body area network
  • Terrestrial Microwave Networks
  • Mobile Wireless Networks

Research Issues:

  • Performance analysis of Mobile IPv6 protocols
  • Route optimization
  • Connectivity with 3G and 4G Networks
  • Mobility management and IPv6
  • Transport mechanism in wireless Networks
  • Data management issues in wireless mobile environments
  • Caching of data allocation, replacement and invalidation
  • TCP in mobile environment
  • TDMA broadcast scheduling in wireless Multi hop Networks
  • Data broadcasting and scheduling
  • Security and fraud detection
  • Congestion avoidance using Random early detection gateways
  • Wireless MAC[Media access control]
  • Fair scheduling in packet data network
  • Third generation cellular systems[UMTS]
  • Location management and handoff mechanism
  • Traffic integration in Geographical wireless networks
  • Ultra band communication
  • WLAN Routing in cellular network
  • Forensic analysis in wireless networks
  • Routing in delay tolerant network, cooperative network etc
  • Multi channel neighbor discovery protocol
  • NDP in wireless network
  • Multihop wireless network protocols
  • Traffic rate adaptation techniques
  • Multicast and back pressure routing in wireless networks
  • Bandwidth allocation issue
  • Multicast data delivery approach in wireless network

Recent topics in NS2:

  • Detection of clone attacks using Random walk based approach in Wireless sensor network
  • Enhance the coverage of linear wireless sensor networks using Mobile sensors
  • Misbehavior node discovery in wireless ad hoc association using overhearing and supreme ruler agents
  • Lightweight proactive source routing protocol for Mobile ad hoc networks [MANET].
  • Black hole prevention in MANET using Clustering techniques
  • Enhanced Selfish node detection using collaborative watchdog in MANET
  • An efficient cluster tree based data collection scheme for Mobile wireless sensor networks
  • E-MANET- ACO based Energy efficient Routing protocol for MANET
  • Asynchronous power management of mobile sensor nodes in wireless sensor networks
  • Development and deployment of AODV in VANET using Cluster based dynamic Routing approach
  • LTE hybrid architecture with Multi hop cluster based IEEE 802.11p for VANET safety message dissemination


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