M.E / M.Tech Titles

1  Secure Cluster dynamic keying Technique in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks
2  Analysis of GPR Antenna System Mounted on a Vehicle
3  Performance Study of a UWB Antenna in Proximity to a Human Arm
4  Low-Profile Dipole Antenna With Enhanced Impedance and Gain Performance for Wideband Wireless Applications
5  An Analytical Link-Loss Model for On-Body Propagation Around the Body Based on Elliptical Approximation of the Torso With Arms’ Influence Included
6  A Low-Profile Cavity-Backed Dual-Polarized Spiral Antenna Array
7  1-Minute Integrated Rain Rate Statistics Estimated From Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Data
8  Beamspace Time-Reversal Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
9  Co-Optimization of Communication and Motion Planning of a Robotic Operation under Resource Constraints and in Fading Environments
10  Compressive Sensing for Spread Spectrum Receivers