M.Tech wireless communication projects is one of our prime service started for the Master graduate students, who wish to work on innovative and novel project ideas. We have developed numerous projects in wireless communication using major wireless technologies like LTE, LTE-A, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth etc. Up to now, we have developed nearly 1000+ projects for students from all over the world. Students prefer us to experience our immeasurable knowledge and experience. Being members of 500+ reputed journals, our only goal and passion is innovation and creativity. We never suggest students to prefer one topic from the static list of topics. We guide our students to work upon their creative and ingenious ideas, which will reflect their true potential. To get our aid for your M.tech wireless communication projects, approach us anytime[24/7 online service].  As an initial step of our guidance, we have provided few wireless simulation tools, research areas and topics for wireless communication projects for students to have a glance over it.

Support for Simulation tools:

  • Network Simulator-2[NS2]
  • Network Simulator -3[NS3]
  • OMNET++
  • Visual System Simulator[supports LTE, Wimax, CDMA2000, GSM/EDGE, DVB-H, WLAN, 3G WCDMA FDD etc ]
  • ACWMN Simulator[Software tool for Wireless Mesh Network]
  • Broadband wireless simulator[4G wireless simulator] etc

 Research Areas for Wireless Communication:

  • Everywhere connectivity of IOT and IoE
  • 5G Mobile Communication
  • Industrial communication system
  • Information security and cybersecurity
  • Vehicular Networking
  • Cognitive Networks and big data
  • Virtualization, SDN and NFV
  • Multi tier and HetNet communications
  • Green communications
  • Device to device communication
  • Millimeter wave communication and content caching
  • 4G with LTE
  • Satellite communication
  • Technologies like wi-fi,Wi-max, Bluetooth, UMTS, HSPA etc
  • MIMO and Massive MIMO
  • Interference management and Network cooperation
  • Device coordination
  • Dense user deployed small cell
  • Wireless proactive caching for 5G
  • Wireless powered communication

Recent Research topics:

  • Enhancing security in short range wireless communication
  • Millimetre wave communication in 5G wireless systems
  • Analysis of pair wise cooperative cellular Networks using stochastic geometry framework
  • Study of Network throughput gain in FiWi Networks subject to peer to peer communication
  • Radar detection and mmWave wireless communication for Railways
  • Enhancement of Automatic cloth car using wireless communication system
  • Simulation and modelling of magnetic induction wireless communication for deepwater mooring system applications
  • Consumption of data acquisition system by combining wireless communication and broadband power line communication
  • Performance optimization and dynamic simulation of wireless communication for urban rail transportation
  • Complete study of wireless communication system under Coal Mine tunnel applications
  • SDR based wireless communication gateway for vehicular system[SWICOM]
  • Maximization of spatial throughput of wireless powered communication networks
  • Vehicle safety application using reliability analysis of DSRC wireless communication


        Hope that you would have got an idea about M.tech Wireless communication projects. If you feel have more ideas or knowledge regarding NS2 communication projects, approach our experts through our online tutoring service. Our online support includes sample project demonstration, tutoring service on NS2, project execution on your PC using team viewer, face to face project explanation using Skype or Gtalk, documentation support etc.  In short, you can get our complete project guidance from any part of the world. Get our guidance and pave your way towards success.