Network Simulators Project brings a new hope among the budding scholars, who wish to excel in their career with the help of our guidance and support. It is generally taken by students who feel to provide effective result at optimum cost. Many of the students today think that Simulation projects means NS-2 projects. But students must come out of their narrow thinking capability to think broad and creatively. There are plenty of Network simulators, which can give you best result as per your project concept.

Approach our experts through online to have a session on network simulators, which will gain you complete knowledge about the network simulation tools available also for your projects. You can also approach us to have our ideal guidance, for your project, assignments and research work accomplishment.


    Network Simulators Project is also generally based on the network simulators employed and the performance metrics also used to evaluate it. The Network is also used to predict the real behavior of the network. It also either available as open source or commercial; we also provide our complete support for all types of simulators.

Let’s first understand the need for Network simulators.
  • It Used also to visualize the packet flow in the network
  • Models the application flow between the nodes also in the simulation
  • Provides drill down analysis using packet/event logging mechanism
  • Models the overall network topology also using the network nodes and links
  • Uses performance metrics also to predict the final outcome
  • Used to test new networking protocols or to change also the existing protocols in a controlled manner.

    Now, you may have understood that why we also emphasize so much on network simulators. Using the best network simulator for your project, you can enhance your final output, which will fetch you high grades. We also have mentioned few major simulators below, for students to know the major network simulators available. Also, We don’t confine our work with the few simulators mentioned below. You can also approach us with any concept or simulation tool, it’s our responsibility also to enlighten your project with our expertise.


  • Network-Simulator version 2
  • Network Simulator version 3
  • Qualnet
  • Omnet++
  • Jsim
  • Marrionet
  • Cloonix
  • Shadow
  • Mininet
  • Line Network Emulator
  • Shadow
  • Common Open Research Emulator
  • SSFNet
  • TrSim
  • Agent J
  • GNS3
Performance Metrics Used:
  • Link Capacity
  • Bandwidth
  • Response time
  • Latency
  • Delay
  • Protocol overhead
  • Dropped packet rate
  • Throughput

        We have provided overall information about the major network and performance metrics used in all the Network simulation projects. We have emphasized on these two aspects of a project, as scholars must know about it, before undertaking also a network simulation project. To have more information about Network and also other major concepts of Networking, you can refer our other pages in this site. Our only focus is student’s satisfaction and contentment, which also gives us inner pleasure. Approach us anytime [even online] with your query or doubts; we are also there for you at 24/7.