Network Simulator Software List can give a gist of overall network simulators. In reality, there are plenty of Network simulators, each of which has its own unique feature. Simulation is perform for networks to better understand the real working scenario of a network. Using simulation, network can model using devices, links, applications etc. Any kind of network can also model using simulation. We working in all the major networking domains which make us aware of every simulation tools use today.

We can use network simulators in,
  • Defense applications
  • Network protocol R& D
  • Modification of existing network
  • Validation of enterprise and data centers

  There are various fields and areas where we can use network simulators but one has to learn about each simulator to know where to use it. Students cannot learn the entire Network simulator software list, so it is best to get guidance about each simulator from us. We are best to guide as we have create many scholars and guided many faculties in top colleges. Here we have provide few Network-Simulator Software List for your reference. We have enumerate only few but there are plenty of Network simulators. We work on all network simulators as we also never confine our knowledge. Even working with the most recent simulator becomes an easy task for us due to our most valuable developers. Students can also bring any concept with their choice of simulator to us; we will give you the best result.

Ns-2 Simulator:
  • It is also a discrete event network simulator which is mainly used for research and also educational purpose. Also It is mainly implement in C++ and OTCL script.
Ns-3 simulator:
  • It is used to create an open simulation environment for networking research. Also It is mainly focus on research and development. It uses C++ as its main language and use optional Python binding.
  • It is also a component based C++ simulation library and framework used for telecommunication network. So It is also use on many other networks like wired and wireless networks, on-chip networks and Queuing networks etc.
  • It is a unique tool which has an exceptional feature of discrete event simulation couple with real software emulation.
  • Also It is a hybrid simulator (i.e both simulator and emulator) which runs on real application above the simulate internet topology. It is scalable, modular and efficient simulator.
Unified Networking Lab (UNL or UNetLab):
  • It is a network emulator which supports GUI environment. Also it is a open source simulator which supports oprn source routers and also virtualize images such as Nokia and Cisco.
  • Also It uses Dynamips, IOU and QEMU nodes to design labs without using multi virtual machines. It works as virtual machine image which supports Cisco router and also switch images.
  • In VNX is an open source virtualization tool use to build virtual network test beds automatically. It is used to test network applications on a complex test bed compose of virtual nodes and also networks.
  • Virtual Network User Mode Linux(VNUML) is also a open source virtualization tool used to simulate Linux base network scenarios.
PDNS – Parallel/Distributed NS:
  • Publicly available network simulator(PDNS) is most commonly use also in telecommunication networks.
  • It is an extension of NS which can also run in both parallel and distribute fashion on a group of network.