PHD in NS2 Projects is a recent trend preferred by many scholars and students today due to its cost effective solution and proficient result. It [Network Simulator version 2] is an event driven packet level Network simulator used for Network research. NS2 is widely used and highly recognized simulator as compared to other open source simulators. It was primarily designed on OSI Model to support wired Networks but due to the CMU wireless extension of NS2, it supports wireless networks.

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NS2 Simulation tool:
  • Used to evaluate the performance of existing protocols
  • It is also Used to simulate wired and wireless Networks[Ad hoc Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks etc]
  • Evaluates new network protocol before it is used
  • Provides simulation environment also for variety of IP networks
  • Used to run large scale experiments which are not possible in real experiments
Supported Tools and languages:
  • Supported Language[C++ and also OTCL]
  • Tools[NAM, Xgraph, Trace graph, also AWK]
Research Areas in NS-2:
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks[MANET]
  • Wireless Security
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks[VANET]
  • Mobile Wireless Networks
  • Mobile-Sensor Networks
  • Network security and also cryptography
  • Wired Networks and also protocols
  • LTE Networks
  • Visual and also under sensor Network
  • IOT[Internet of things]
  • Wi-Max, Wi-Fi and also WLAN
  • Software defined Networks
  • Video streaming applications
  • Multi casting communication
  • 4G and also 5G Networks
  • Parallel and also distributed systems
Recent Research topics in NS2:
  • Border Node preferred social Ranking based Routing protocol also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Newfangled stable election protocol also for Wireless Sensor Networks[WSN]
  • An analysis of trust dynamics in Cyclic Mobile also for Ad hoc Networks
  • Detecting and preventing attacks against AODV Routing protocol also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Employing energy efficient LEACH protocol also in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Hierarchical location based services also for wireless sensor Networks
  • Enhancing Security and also performance against black hole attack for Modified AODV Routing protocol
  • Energy consumption and performance evaluation of Proactive and also reactive protocols in Ad hoc Networks
  • Novel framework also for enhancing performance of Contention based synchronous MAC protocols
  • Experimental analysis of DSDV,AODV and also OLSR Routing protocol in Flying Ad hoc Networks

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