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      A Wormhole Attack in Manet Thesis is one of the recent areas of research due to the increasing security breach in Ad hoc Networks. You may think that why we have emphasized on Wormhole attack in MANET in this article. It is simple to say that MANET is itself a vast area of research, in which Wormhole-attack is most significant topic of research in the present scenario.  In Worm-hole is a type of Network attack which confuses the routing path during the packet transmission. The attacker sends a route request [Shortest path request] to attract the legitimate user and creates an attack scenario. If more than one attacker is present, they form a tunnel in the network, which completely reduces the performance of Network.


      Now, you may the importance of this article, you can work on the ways to overcome the wormhole attacks in MANET to improve the performance of Network. Or you can also take any other attack scenario and work over it. Enhancing security and performance is the major need of MANET. We are ready to extend our guiding hands to provide our complete guidance and support on any topic/ research work, you wish to undertake.


Types of Attacking Modes in Wormhole Attack:

Hidden Mode:

-Packet Encapsulation:

  • This Packet transmission takes place through the legitimate path but when the attacker receives the packet, it encapsulates it, to prevent the nodes by incrementing the hop counts.

-Packet Replay:

  • In this mode of attack, two malicious nodes are present far away from the legitimate user, but they make the legitimate node to believe that they are their neighboring nodes.
Participation Mode:

-High Power Transmission:

  • In this mode, the malicious node has high transmission capability, which attracts the legitimate node to perform packet transmission

-Out of Band:

  • Here two ended wormhole attackers are present using the dedicated out of band of high bandwidth channel to create a wormhole link
Causes of Wormhole-Attack:
  • Leakage of traffic information
  • Packet drops
  • Modification of packet information
  • Route disruption
  • Alteration in the sequence of packet
Method to overcome Worm-hole-Attacks:
  • Statistical Analysis of Multi-path[SAM]
  • Transmission time based methods
  • SAM
  • Digital signature based methods
  • Hello message timing Intervals
  • Geographical and topology based methods

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