NS2 Wireless Network is a prominent field of research preferred by majority of scholars and students today. It is an open source simulation tool used to simulate both wired and wireless networks. We have focused on Wireless Network in this article for scholars to get an idea about the major research area in wireless networks that can be implemented using NS2. To get an in depth knowledge about the implementation of wireless networks in NS2, refer our other articles.

We offer our complete guidance for all types of projects/research, assignments based on NS2 wireless network. Our major goal and only focus is student’s satisfaction. We will work for you until you feel contented with our service. Now, let’s have a glance over the major research areas of NS2 Wireless Networks.

Major Research areas for Wireless-Network:
  • Wireless Ad hoc Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  • Satellite Network
  • Under water acoustic Networks
  • Wireless-Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Security

      These are the major wireless networking area supported by NS-2. Scholars can choose any network and any concept; we are ready to support you. To provide better insight about Network and networking concepts which can be implemented in NS-2, we have taken an example Network[Ad hoc Networks] and explained its major research areas , supported protocols and applications. Similarly, you can analyze other network in an in depth manner to mine a novel idea also for your project.

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Wireless Ad hoc Networks:

Types of Ad hoc Network:
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless-Mesh Networks
  • Mobile Ad hoc Network
    • -Intelligent Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
    • -Vehicular Ad hoc Network
Challenges and Issues in Ad hoc Networks:
  • Usage of Network bandwidth
  • Security and also Reliability
  • Spectrum allocation
  • QOS Provisioning
  • Network bandwidth utilization
  • Mobility induced packet loss
Major Research Areas:
  • Need for Handover Mechanism
  • Techniques to improve QOS
  • Enhancing security
  • Optimization of Routing protocol
  • Multimedia data transmission
  • Frequency spectrum usage
Major Applications:
  • Educational applications
  • Collaborative and also distributed computing
  • Military applications[Used in battle field surveillance]
  • Smart phone ad hoc Networks
  • Internet based Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Emergency services[Disaster recovery, rescue and also crowd control]

Supported protocols and algorithms:

Routing protocol support:
  • Ad hoc On demand distance vector routing
  • Optimized link state also in Routing protocol
  • Destination sequence distance vector routing
  • Power aware DSR also based in Routing
  • Dynamic Source also in Routing
  • Zone Routing also in protocol
  • Global State Routing
  • Fisheye State Routing
  • Signal stability also in Routing
  • Wireless Routing protocol
Supported Clustering algorithm:
  • Hierarchical Clustering Method[Divisive algorithms, also agglomerative algorithm]
  • Grid based Clustering method
  • Partitioning clustering methods
    • -K-medoids method
    • -Probabilistic algorithm
    • -K-mean method
    • -Relocation algorithm
    • -Density based algorithm[density also based connectivity clustering, density function clustering]
  • High Dimensional Clustering[Projection techniques, sub space clustering, also co clustering techniques]
Latest topics on NS-2 Wireless-Network:
  • Anonymity, unlinkability and unobservability also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Appropriate Module configuration also for Vehicular Networks in NS2 Simulation
  • AVIS: Adaptive Video simulation also for Scalable Video
  • Employing human body based Intrusion detection system also in Co-operative network
  • Use of Token based MAC protocol also for Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Network
  • Advanced Routing Model also for Cognitive Radio Networks using Dynamic spectrum management perception
  • Performance analysis of Network and also host based IP Mobility management methodology in IPv6 Network
Lets have some more recent titles,
  • Detecting and preventing black hole and also wormhole attack by modifying the Routing Mechanism of AODV
  • Connectivity maintenance in VANETs also using clustering based algorithms
  • QOS implementation in VANET using reliable Routing protocol
  • Accurate and smooth estimation of RTT in fast TCP also using ARMA function Model
  • Mobility Model based performance analysis of Mobile Ad hoc Routing protocol[DSDV]
  • Assessment of hybrid Multi channel MAC protocol also for periodic and burst traffic
  • Prevention of flooding attacks also for defending Mobile Ad hoc Networks in Military applications
  • Secure Routing in Ad hoc Networks using a modular and also configurable reputation and trust based system.
  • Employing long range assisted Ad hoc Routing also in MANET
  • Prevention of Sybil attack also for mobile agent based security in MANET
  • Network Intrusion detection and also Countermeasure selection in VNS[Virtual Network system]
  • IPv4 based hierarchical distributive Auto configuration protocol also in adhoc Networks
  • Performance analysis of transport layer protocol also for MPEG4 video traffic application in IEEE 802.11e Wireless Ad hoc Networks

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