NS2 WIRELESS WIRED Network project is our dedicated service started for the scholars, who wish to work on NS-2 Simulation projects. It is an open source simulator used for both wired and wireless networks. We have emphasized on Wireless Wired simulation in this article as we want to give a broad idea on NS-2 based projects for students. NS-2 has wide scope for research but one has to understand it and work on it.

We have prominent experts and dedicated network engineers, who can help you to get a novel and innovative research idea in NS-2. As an initial step towards our guidance, we have provided an overview about the types of Networks and concepts supported by NS-2 for scholars to work upon it.

Let’s first know about the types of wireless and wired networks available.

Types of Wired and Wireless Networks
Wired Networks:
  • Local Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Metropolitan Area Network
Wireless Networks:
  • Wireless LAN, MAN, PAN and WAN
  • Wireless-Mesh Networks
  • Wireless body area network
  • Space Network
  • Satellite and communication Networks
  • Wireless sensor Networks
  • Terrestrial Microwave Networks
  • Ad hoc Networks[VANET, MANET, WANET]
  • LTE Networks
  • 5G Networks
Research issues in Wired and Wireless Networks
Wired Networks:
  • Detection of distributed denial of service attack
  • TCP based connection issues in wired networks
  • Link failure and recovery
  • Multimedia Issues etc
Wireless Networks:
  • Data Management and dissemination issue
  • Caching of data allocation, invalidation and replacement
  • Performance analysis of wireless network
  • Mobile IP protocols
  • Route Optimization techniques
  • Mobility management and IPv6 support etc
Recent Research topics in NS2-Wireless-wired Networks
  • Fault tolerant topology control also in heterogeneous wireless sensor Networks
  • An online approximation of optimal resource allocation also in Delay tolerant Networks
  • Interference based topology control also in Delay constrained Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Improving physical layer security in wireless communication also using diversity technique.
  • Joint optimal data rate and power allocation in Ad hoc Networks also using delay constrained traffics
  • Self organising Resource management also in OFDMA Femto cells
  • Game theoretic topology control also for Opportunistic localization in Underwater sensor network applications
  • Circular joint sink Mobility scheme also in WSN
  • Detection of Node misbehaviour using overhearing and also autonomous agents in VANET
  • Efficient downlink scheduling in LTE Networks also using discontinuous Reception Mechanism
  • Quality preserving Multimedia data aggregation and also privacy control in Participatory sensing systems
Some of our recent titles for you,
  • Truthful detection and also privacy preserving of Packet dropping in Ad hoc Networks
  • Virtual coordinated based bypassing void routing also in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • An efficient distributed trust model also for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Conditional privacy preservation and Non repudiation also in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks.
  • In VANET, BUS vehicular network integrated also with traffic Infrastructure to enhance the performance and simulation result.

      Hope you also would have got an idea about NS2 WIRELESS WIRED and wireless networks. We also provide complete support for any type of projects in NS2. Even if students feel to work upon their own concepts, we are also pleasure to support them. Our only focus is also student’s satisfaction and contentment, which makes us the best as compared to other institute. If you feel to have further guidance or tutoring service on NS2, approach our experts through online. We are also ready to support you at 24/7.



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