Ns-2 Projects in Networking are mostly preferred by scholars and students due to its vast research scope. Networking can be taken as a master domain of all domains as every domain is based on Networking. To be more particular, we can say that it is interdisciplinary in nature. Major networking issues and research scope makes it an evergreen field of research. It will be mainly based on Networking concepts [Congestion, control, handover mechanism, security issue, QOS enhancement, collision control etc], networking protocols and areas.

We also have provided few major research areas in networking along with the protocols for scholars to get an idea about NS2 projects. You can also approach us with your own ideas and concepts; we are pleasured to support you. We have also served nearly 1000+ students and currently serving 500+ students worldwide with the help of our renowned experts and dedicated professionals. To experience our service and guidance, approach us anytime.

Major Networking Areas for NS-2 projects
  • Wireless Ad hoc Networks
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wired Networks
  • Mobile Wireless Networks
  • Wireless Security
Support for networking protocols/algorithms/techniques:
Wired Networks[protocol used]:
  • Transport protocol[TCP, UDP, RTP, SCTP, RTCP, also XCP]
  • Routing protocols[Unicast, Multi cast, also in Hierarchical Routing protocol ]
  • Application layer[FTP, HTTP, also Telnet]
Wireless Ad hoc Networks:
  • Transport layer protocols[TCP/UDP]
  • MAC Layer [IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16]
  • Routing protocols:
    • -Destination sequence distance
    • -Ad hoc On demand Distance vector
    • -Dynamic source also in Routing
    • -Dynamic MANET On demand routing protocol
    • -Temporally ordered also in Routing algorithms
    • -Global state Routing
    • -Cluster based Routing protocol
    • -Wireless also in Routing protocol etc
Wireless Sensor Networks:
  • Geographic Routing protocol
  • Resource aware Routing protocol
  • Energy aware also in Routing protocol
  • Data centric also in Routing protocol
  • Queue based Routing protocol
  • Fidelity aware also in Routing protocol
  • Hierarchical based Routing protocol
  • Negotiation based Routing protocol
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks:
  • Topology based Routing protocol:
    • -Proactive Routing also in protocol
    • -Reactive Routing protocol
  • Position based Routing protocol:
    • -Position based greedy V2V protocol
    • -Connectivity Aware Routing protocols
    • -Greedy perimeter coordinator also in Routing
    • -Diagonal Intersection also based Routing protocol
    • -Delay tolerant protocol
    • -Motion vector also in Routing protocol
    • -Vehicle assisted data also in delivery protocol
    • -Static Node assisted adaptive Routing protocol
  • Cluster based Routing protocol[COIN, also LORA-CBF]
  • Broadcast Routing[UMB, BRAODCOMM, DV-CAST, also V-TRADE]
  • Geo Cast Routing[IVG, DRG, also DG-CASTOR]
Wireless Security:
Networking attacks:
  • MAC address spoofing
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • Caffe Latte attack
  • Network injection
  • Denial of service
  • Black hole attack
  • Sybil attack
  • Routing attack
  • Wormhole attack etc
Defense Mechanism:
  • Wireless Encryption protocol
  • MAC Address blocking
  • Use of access list
  • Network intrusion detection system
  • Advanced Encryption methods
  • Wi-Fi protected access
    • -Temporal Key integrity protocol
    • -Extensible Authentication protocol[Lightweight EAP, Protected EAP]
Recent Research topics in NS2:
  • Efficient message passing protocol also for Wireless Networks
  • Receiver based flow control also for avoiding network overload
  • Proximity aware interested clustered Peer to peer file sharing system implementation also in P2P Networks
  • SDN and Open flow for dynamic flex grid optical access and also aggregation network based applications
  • Power consumption of LTE Macro base station also for LTE Networks
  • Detection mechanism using packet dropping algorithm also in MANET.
  • Secure and proficient data transmission also for cluster based WSN
  • Performance analysis of proactive and Reactive Routing protocol also in MANET
  • Evaluation of LTE macro base in different environments also for analyzing area energy efficiency
  • Diagnosing large scale failures in Computer Networks also using Adaptive algorithms
  • Self healing mechanism in Ubiquitous environments also using unreliable failure detector
  • Delay constrained data aggregation also in VANET[Vehicular Ad hoc Networks]
  • Maximum life time scheduling for target coverage and also data collection in WSN
  • Segment based Anomaly detection also with approximated sample covariance matrix in Wireless sensor Networks[WSN]
  • Cross layer optimization and also Energy management of WSN using heterogeneous energy sources
  • Time sensitive and also utility based single copy routing mechanism in low duty wireless sensor networks
  • Joint virtual MIMO and also data gathering approach in Wireless Sensor Network[WSN]
  • Defending against Sybil attack using VANET Inference also based topology control for Delay constrained Mobile Ad hoc Networks also using Improved DTSA Mechanism
  • Employing real time path planning also in hybrid VANET Enhanced transportation system [HVETS ]

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