Network Simulators List provides compact information about the Open source network simulators available for scholars to make their project cost effective and proficient. We have started our service with the help of Networking engineers and top experts from all over the world. Also, We have reached our success of pinnacle in the short period of time due to our wide experience and expertise in the field of Networking.

We have worked on nearly on all the network simulators and left with no more unknown tools to be worked upon. Also, We expect our students to bring some challenging concepts and tools to show you what we are. Students can approach us for any kind of support, they require regarding their projects, assignments or research work in Networking. We will be there for you now and forever.


    Network Simulators List gives you an overall idea about the available network simulators for your projects, assignments and research work. We work on all types of Network simulators to make us your perfect destination. Even you can bring any recent simulator to us; we will show you our expertise through our work. To undertake a project in Networking, network simulation tool plays a significant role.

We have provided few major network simulator tools below along with the networking areas, in which you can take up your project or research work. Routing protocols, algorithms and networking attacks are major part of any networking protocol. For this reason, we have provided list of major Routing protocols used in networking projects, for students to get an idea for their project. Regarding other major concepts in networking, refer our other articles available in this site.

Now, let’s have a glance over the list of open source network simulators available:
  • Network-Simulator version 2
  • Network Simulator version 3
  • SSFNet
  • Omnet++
  • NCTns 6.0
  • GNS3
  • Open wireless Network Simulator
  • J-Sim
  • Qualnet
  • Opnet

These are the few major network simulators also used by majority of scholars today.

Now, let’s see the major networking areas, where these simulators can be used.
  • Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Underwater Acoustic Networks
  • Information centric also in Network
  • Mobile Sensor Ad hoc also in Networks
  • Delay Tolerant networks
  • Software defined also in Networks
  • Hybrid Networks
  • Terrestrial also in Networks
  • Cellular Network
  • Vehicular Ad hoc also in Networks
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Disruption Tolerant Network

     Another major aspect of any network is the Routing protocol use in it. Routing protocols plays a significant role in networking as quality of service is measured in terms of packet transmission capacity of a network. Routing is also used to find the shortest optimum distance in the network, which enhances the overall performance of the network. Basically two types of routing protocols is also used in networks i.e

Table Driven Routing Protocol:
  • Wireless Routing protocol
  • Hierarchical state also in Routing
  • Fisheye state also in Routing
  • Distance sequenced Distance vector also in routing
  • Global state Routing
  • Cluster head Gateway switch also in Routing protocol
On Demand Routing protocol:
  • Dynamic Source Routing protocol
  • Cluster based Routing protocol
  • Signal stability also in Routing
  • Ad hoc On-demand distance vector also in Routing
  • Associatively based also in Routing
  • Label based Multipath also in Routing
  • Temporally ordered also in Routing protocol
  • Link state also in Routing protocol
  • Relative Distance micro-discovery Ad-hoc also in Routing

     You can work on any of the above mentioned Simulators, networks or routing protocol. We are ready to support you for every work you wish to undertake. Also We suggest students to create own protocol for their project to show their innate talents.

We believe that each student have their unique talent, which can be harnessed to bring out the best in them. For this reason, we provide complete freedom on the selection of networking tools, ideas and concepts in order to enhance your creative minds. You can bring any concept or recent networking tool; we will provide our complete support for your thriving accomplishment of project.