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  • User can access only already available services from our website. Users are not to allow for interrupting our working services of our company.
  • Our licensed and authenticated documents are prevented from users. Our web site details only for information purpose not for any commercial action and also our content is not allowed to copy by any other users.
  • Viewers can share your feed backs and post your queries about our services and products but make sure that your feedback should be clear.
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  • Users should not sell our website information; it is only for informative purpose not for any investment purpose. Users are prohibited to upload any unwanted soft-wares in our web sites.
  • We want users to:

                              -Feel Comfortable

                              -Feel Secure

                              -Contact with us for questions

                              -Update and post your queries

                              -Share your views about our services and products

  • Users are not allowed to download any restricted information from our site like copy right information.
  • We guaranteed that we have provided good and quality product. We have maintained only one backup, so users are only responsible for product after the delivery of the product.
  • Users are not allowed to sale the product from web site. We are not responsible for any services customer purchased from our web site through advertisement or third party. This information is only for communication purpose only, we have full rights to modify or update these terms and condition at any time.