VANET Projects in NS2, is one of the emerging research area with numerous research scopes and issues for budding scholars and researchers. In this VANET [Vehicular ad hoc Network] is a form of MANET where vehicles act as a router or host. It provides wireless communication between vehicles and road side units.

We have dedicated this article on NS2, you may think that why we have focused on NS2 simulator alone. VANET can be simulated using other network simulators also, but NS2 provides much effective result as compared to other simulators like GlomoSim, Qualnet, ad hoc network projects etc. NS2 can be integrated with numerous traffic simulators to provide best and efficient result. We have discussed few VANET-simulators based on NS2, for students to get an idea about our focus on NS2. Now, let’s first know about VANET to get a better idea about VANET projects.

 Highlights about VANET:
  • Nodes in VANET indicates vehicles and road side units
  • The Nodes move very fast and motion patterns are restricted by road topology
  • Vehicles act as transceiver[for sending and receiving at same time]
  • Creates a highly dynamic network, which changes continuously
  • Vehicular density varies from time to time[day time-peak level while night time it decreases]
  • Vehicle to Vehicle architecture[vehicle act as both sender and receiver]
  • Vehicle to Infrastructure[Infrastructure[Road side units] collect information and transfer to other vehicles]
  • Hybrid approach[combination of both the architecture]
Challenges in VANET:
  • Multihop data delivery[due to frequent disconnection and high mobility]
  • Optimal Vehicle selection with minimum delay for packet transmission
  • Information gathering like speed limit, accident, obstacle information, traffic condition etc.

          To get an idea about VANET projects in NS2, let’s have a glance over the significance of NS2 in VANET. NS2 is an open source network simulator used for the simulation of both wired and wireless networks. In VANET, it is used for network simulation alone with the traffic simulators.

Let’s see few VANET simulators based on NS2 network simulator.

TraNS[Traffic and Network simulation environment]:
  • It is also an integration of traffic simulator[SUMO] with network simulator[NS2] to generate realistic simulation of Vehicular Ad hoc Network.
  • Traffic is an open source GUI tool also used to simulate large and small networks.
  • TraNSLite [a stripped down version of TraNS] also used to generate realistic mobility traces of NS2 from SUMO
MOVE with NS2:
  • MOVE- Motor vehicle Emission simulator
  • It is also implemented in Java and runs on the top of micro traffic simulator SUMO
  • Use NS2 also for the purpose of realistic Network simulation
VanetMobiSim with NS2:
  • Extension of CanuMobiSim[ communication in Ad hoc Networks also for Ubiquitous computing mobility simulator]
  • It is also a flexible framework for User mobility modeling
  • CanuMobiSim is also a Java based application with a graphical user interface. It can also generate movement traces in different formats supporting different simulation tools like NS2 for mobile networks.
VISIM with NS2:
  • Graphical simulation tool mainly focus on VANET Routing protocol comparison and also simulation.
  • It is not a simulation engine rather it calls NS2 simulation in the background and also provides better simulation visualization to the users.
  • Any user with good knowledge about NS2 and TCL can make rapid configuration and also necessary modification in VISIM.
Major Research area and Applications of VANET:
Major-Research areas:
  • Topology based issues[range optimization, routing mechanism, addressing system etc]
  • Security issues[Traceability, encryptions, security algorithms etc]
  • Effects of directional antennas also in VANET
  • Accessing mobile technologies also in VANET
  • Employing sensor networks or other wireless network and also working on its specific issue.
Applications of VANET:
  • Safety Application [accident avoidance system, also collision avoidance system]
Infotainment application
  • Provides all kinds of entertainment and also useful messages to the driver and passenger
  • It can also applications like finding the nearest destination, hospitals, Malls, fuel station etc.
Traffic Management and Monitoring Applications:
  • Focus on the enhancement of vehicle traffic flow, traffic assistance and also traffic coordination
  • Provides updated local information, messages and also maps bounded with time and space

       Hope you would have got an idea about our focus also on NS2 for VANET projects. NS2 provides generic simulation scenario without being specifically tailoring any application in the vehicular network environment. For more specific application, one must also use traffic simulator with NS2[Network simulator]. For further guidance also on NS2 approach us for our expert’s guidance and support.

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