Open Source Network Simulator is used to simulate various types of Networks [Wired and wireless]. Many scholars and students Opt source network simulators as it offers cost effective project development solution. We also support project development in all types of network simulators for our students and scholars as we also feel that our students must be always high as compared to others.

We can also make your project equally valuable and proficient as projects developed using Commercial simulators as we feel that cost must be never a barrier for your successful career. Our experts and professionals are one among the top experts of the world, who can also make your project highly dexterous and proficient using their versatile expertise.


    The Open Source Network Simulator attracts many scholars and students today, due to its easy and free availability. There are plenty of Open source simulators available today, but when we talk about Simulation the first think that strike in our mind is NS2 simulation due to its wide spread popularity. We also have focused on few more major simulators here, for scholars to get complete knowledge about Open source simulators. Once you are aware with Simulators, you can proceed with your projects and assignments. We also provide complete freedom on your selective simulation tool for your project accomplishment. To get more information about other simulation tools/ Commercial simulators, you can also have a glance over our other articles in this site.

Now, let’s focus on few major open source simulators:

Network-Simulator Version 2[NS2]:
  • Discrete event simulator also used to simulate Routing protocols and multicast protocols over wired and wireless networks.
  • Developed using two major languages-C++ and also TCL[Tool command language]
  • Used for research purpose and also have various capabilities like support for parallel and distributed system, works as network emulator etc
  • Major components are NAM, AWK script, Xgraph, also TclCL, TCL/Tk etc
  • Supports command line interface
Network-Simulator version 3[NS3]
  • Discrete event simulator used for research and also educational purpose
  • Overcome the backward compatibility of NS2
  • Core language used[C++] and also binding language[Python]
  • Supports different platform like Linux, MAC OS X, also FreeBSD
  • Supports concepts like Energy consumption in wireless networks, intrusion detection in MANET, also Bluetooth etc.
Optical Micro Networks ++[OMNET++]
  • Component based , modular and also open architecture simulation framework
  • Discrete event simulator also used to simulate wide range of networks
  • INET framework of OMNET++ makes it suitable also for networking applications as INET provides a comprehensive collection of Internet protocol models
  • Uses C++ component also based programming
  • Platform support[Linux, MAC OS X, also Windows]
JSIM[Java Based Simulation]
  • Application development environment also used to create a java based simulation system
  • It is based on component also based software architecture
  • Also It is platform independent
NESSI[Network Security Simulator]
  • Mainly used for Network security related issues
  • Provides support also for testing intrusion detection algorithms, developing security frameworks and also conducting network security analysis
IMUNES[Integrated Multiprotocol Network Emulator/Simulator]
  • Used as IP network emulation/Simulation tool
  • Platform support[FreeBSD, Linux]
  • Provides Scalable architecture also for real time large applications
  • Support for 100 to 1000s of virtual nodes in one physical machine [Each node capable of unmodified UNIX based applications]

           We also have provide an overview about the major open source network simulators used. Also, We provide complete support for all types of Open-source simulators on which scholars feel to work. We also provide support for Commercial Simulators [like Qualnet, Opnet], if scholars wish to work on it.  In short, we can say that our vast experience and expertise makes us flexible for scholars, who wish to undertake their projects, assignments or research work in latest tools and also technology. Approach us any time, regarding any project, in any way; we are there for you at 24/7.