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   NS2 WIRELESS SIMULATION is used to stimulate wide range of wireless networks to predict its performance. It is generally implemented in two major languages i.e. TCL [Scripting language] and C++ [Programming language]. Scholars must be aware of these two languages to work with NS2 simulation projects. If you are not aware of these languages, you need not to be worried about it, as we are there to help you.

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Now, let’s have a glance over the major networking area, where NS2 simulation can be implemented.

Major Networks for NS-2 Wireless simulation
Ad hoc Network:
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  • Cellular Networks
  • Mobile also in Ad hoc Networks
  • Ad hoc also in Cognitive packet Networks
  • Wireless also in Ad hoc sensor Networks
Sensor Networks:
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Social sensor Networks
  • Underwater also in Acoustic sensor Networks
  • Multi-media wireless sensor Networks
  • Wireless sensor and also in Actuator Networks
  • Underground wireless sensor networks
  • Terrestrial Wireless sensor Networks
  • Mobile also in Wireless sensor Networks
Other Major Networks:
  • Counter propagation Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Network
  • Heterogeneous Networks

     To implement a simulation project, performance metrics is also one of the major aspects you need to consider. We also have provide few metrics below, for students to know the importance of metrics in your Simulation projects.

Quality of Service:
  • Throughput
  • Packet Delivery Ratio
  • Jitter
  • Delay
  • Bandwidth
  • Packet-Drop
  • Packet error Ratio
Cryptography Techniques:
  • Key Size
  • Percentage of security level
  • Time-taken also for hashing
  • Time taken for encryption and also decryption
Clustering Mechanism:
  • Accuracy
  • Time taken also for cluster formation
  • Number of cluster formed
Attack Prevention and Detection Mechanism:
  • Affected number of Nodes
  • Probability of detection
  • Message flooding
  • False Alarm also in probability

    These are also the most common performance metrics used in simulation projects. By referring our above mentioned content, hope you would have got an idea about NS-2 wireless. We also have provide compact information about the networking area, where NS-2 simulation can also used along with few performance metrics. These two factors also play a significant role, while undertaking a project, assignment or research work in NS wireless simulation.  If you feel also to have more detailed information about NS2 simulation, you can refer our other articles available in this site.