PHD Thesis in NS2 is one of our prime services start for scholars, who aid for external support regarding their thesis. Thesis can be defined as a report, which speaks about the overall work carried out by the scholars in their entire research career. PhD thesis-in-NS2 reflects the increasing attraction of scholars towards simulation projects. Simulation projects offer cost effective solution to complex networking projects. NS2 is one of the most liked and widely used simulator due to its attractive features like Emulation support, customizable GUI, easy interfacing support etc.

Students who wish to undertake a simulation project in NS2, can choose the following networking areas i.e. Ad hoc networks, Wireless sensor networks, vehicular ad hoc networks, Wireless mesh networks, Satellite networks etc. Research in NS2 is a broad area to explore; you can have an online session with us to get an idea for your research. If you are done with your research, you can have our aid for your thesis alone. We will offer you completely customized thesis support as per your university format for fast acceptance. To know about our work standard, get to know about our PhD thesis in NS2 by referring the following content.

Our thesis Reflects:

Introductory Part:

-It must include the following aspects:
  • Contextual and theoretical framework
  • Goal of research study
  • Brief Intro about research methodology
  • Overall Chapter Outline

-To deal with all this aspect is a tedious and prominent issue for scholars, for this reason we provide our assistance in the following parts.

  • Brief highlight of the Issue
  • Overall logical structure
  • Area of research study
  • Objective of research study
  • Research questions/issues
  • Research scope and concepts

Review of Literature:

Purpose of literature Review:
  • Analyze the indication of research
  • Avoids the replication of study
  • Know about related works
  • Identify the core research problem
Our assistance follows:
  • Empirical research review
  • Study the theoretical aspects of problem by consulting general sources[like textbook]
  • Systematic reference of all the related sources
  • Reference recording with bibliographical data
  • Complete notes of the findings
  • Finding the appropriate problem[based on techniques, algorithms and also methods]

Research Methodology:

Challenging aspect of Research methodology:
  • Constraint to determine a particular design and also method
  • Way of approach employed
  • Amount of time spent
Our expert’s solution:
  • Review of data collection methods used
  • Primary data reflects the research environment, tools and also techniques
  • Employ pilot study[i.e. how it was administered and also necessary changes in the context of research]
  • Employ particular software to analyze the methods
  • Team work to get a common solution/method also for research objective
  • Frame the findings as Research proposal


A conclusion must reflect:
  • Brief of evidence
  • Overall methodology employed
  • Major features of the study
  • Performance analysis result
  • Comparative analysis[Graphically]

Viva Voice Support:

We prepare our scholars in the following perspective:
  • Equip also with complete research potential
  • Critical power of assimilation and also clear logical exposition
  • In depth research knowledge
  • Practical explanation also with demo support
  • Pre viva voice session also with our experts
  • Equip also to answer the question of viva voice committee

     You may have got an idea about how the thesis looks and also the areas you need to concentrate. To write a complete thesis is little bit tedious and time consuming work. For this reason, majority of scholars approach us for thesis writing service. We also offer our complete support along with entire PHD guidance service. Also we provide additional services like Journal paper publication, conference support, code support etc. To know about our work and quality, approach our experts and have a glance over our completed thesis. You will realize our true potential and also feel eager to work with us.