NS3 Projects is one of our major services started with the collaboration of top experts and dedicated professionals from all over the world. It is an open source network simulator mainly focused on research and educational purpose. Majority of scholars and students prefer NS-3 projects due to its highlighted features like ease of programming [mainly based on C++], default module support,  wide libraries with interfacing support etc. Our expertise and experience in the field of NS-3 simulation is immeasurable as we have developed nearly 1000+ projects in NS-3.

We have 100+ top experts and network engineers working with us for the betterment of student’s career and performance. Approach us for your project guidance and experience our vast knowledge and expertise. As a further step towards our guidance, we have provided few highlights about NS-3 along with its major research areas and topics.


Highlights about NS-3:

  • Written in C++ and python scripting language
  • Supported platform[Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, FreeBSD]
  • Latest version – NS-3.25
  • Visualization support[Using NAM and PyViz]
  • NS-3 can interface with
    • -NS-3 with SUMO
    • -NS3 with Matlab/Simulink
    • -NS-3 with GEM5
    • -NS3 with LTE Lena Simulator
    • -NS-3 with Real time digital simulator[RTDS]
    • -NS3 with iTetris
    • -NS-3 with VISSIM
  • Module Support in NS3:
    • -LTE Modules
    • -Wi-Fi Module
    • -Wi-Max Module
    • -UAN Models
    • -Propagation Models
    • -Energy Models
    • -LR WPAN Models
    • -Spectrum Models
Major Research areas for NS-3 projects:
  • Wireless communication system
  • Vehicular Ad hoc Network
  • Mobile wireless Networks
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Internet of things
  • Software defined Networking
  • Peer to peer Networks
  • Satellite Communication
  • LTE Cellular Networks
  • Energy efficient Networking
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • LTE-A Networks
  • Under water ad hoc sensor networks

Latest Research topics for NS-3 projects:

  • Fractional frequency Reuse algorithms also for Long term evolution[LTE] using NS3 simulator
  • Performance evaluation of Cellular WLAN heterogeneous Network based on continuous time Markov chain
  • Multicast IPv6 traffic support also in wireless network using NS3
  • Optimizing energy consumption in transmission of Multimedia traffic using buffering technique also in Ad hoc Networks
  • Simulation of Routing protocols also in heterogeneous wireless networks
  • Responsive Multi-path TCP in SDN based data centre network also using NS3 simulator
  • Cloud assisted DASH based technique also for Interactive Multi view video streaming framework
  • Performance evaluation of Mod-bus/TCP also using NS3 simulator
Lets have some more interesting topics for you,
  • Comparison analysis and simulation model also for satellite links in Ku and Ka bands using standards based on DVB-S2 and NS3
  • Performance enhancement of Real time and also non real time traffic transmission in IEEE 802.16 MAC layer downlink scheduler
  • Novel Mechanism for traffic control based on VTL and also VANET
  • Analysis of Error Models in Network education using NS3
  • An innovative approach- Reservation Multi access protocols also for Under water Ad hoc Sensor Networks
  • Global trust identification also in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Modeling distributed denial of service attack also in advanced metering system
  • The Performance evaluation of VANET[Vehicular Ad hoc Networks] simulation system also using NS3 and SUMO
  • Performance analysis of two highly interconnected data centre network also using NS3
  • The Performance evaluation of Vehicular Ad hoc Network system considering number of vehicles and also cross road scenario using NS3
  • Analyzing the performance of well-known frequency reuse algorithm also using LTE downlink 3GPP in LTE Systems

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