Types of Network Simulators, is a major topic of discussion among young scholars today. When we think about the types of Network Simulators, the first thing that strike in our mind is how we identify the simulator as per our need. To know it better, we need to know about the Network-simulators. We have a strong and dynamic technical team with us, working on all the current network simulators. Our developers and students are our strength who has made us world no.1 in this field. We have nearly 5000+ happy customers who complete satisfaction with our work. You can work with us, on any concept and tool as per your need and can feel our work.

   We support both commercial and open source simulators. Commercial Simulators are not available for free and if we need a specific package, we need to pay to get it. Whereas Open source simulators are available for free. It is based on students wish to use commercial simulator or open source simulators as per the cost they can afford. We can assure students that with the lowest cost, we can provide them best result with our knowledge and updation.

Here we have listed few commercial and open source simulators.
Open Source simulators:
  • Marrionet
  • Netkit
  • NS2
  • JSIM
Commercial Simulators:
  • QualNet
NS-2 (Network Simulator version 2):
  • It is an object orient network simulator which is used to simulate Networking protocols and routing protocols for both wired and wireless networks.
  • It is mainly implement using C++ and OTCL.
Ns3 Simulator:
  • It is mainly design for research and educational purpose. As compare to Ns2 , it supports Python and works better due to its low level of abstraction.
  • Its modules contain models for real world network devices and protocols. It is written in C++ and wrap with python script which allows the flexibility to write the code in both C++ and Python.
  • It is open source software which is based on User mode Linux. It is used when there is a need to create a networking environment at low cost and with slight endeavor.
  • Netkit is command line based simulation tool which is also use to create a complete network on a single PC by exploiting virtual network devices.
  • It is also known as Virtual Network Laboratory which is used as a educational tool due to its attractive GUI (Graphical user interface).
  • User can also run and define a complex network on a host computer using Marionnet.
JSIM (Java based Simulation):
  • It is mainly use for Web based simulation and it is either build in using event package or process package.
  • JSIM is use to build quantitative numeric models and evaluate them with respect to the experimental data provide.
  • It is in mainly used also for research purpose and development. It provides complete flexibility to learn about communication networks, applications and protocols.
  • As it consists of both GUI and programming environment, it provides a platform also for user to create the network as they want.
  • It is in the best platform for scholars, engineers and network planners to create virtual models also for all types of data, video networks and voice.
  • Qualnet is actually a planning, testing and also in training tool which is used to represent the network scenario with complete accuracy and precision.