NS2 Code for Wireless Sensor Network is one of our prime services started with the collaborative efforts of top experts and research superiors from all over the world. Wireless Sensor network is one of the emerging fields of research due to its wide research scope and issues. NS2 is one of the most powerful tools used for the simulation of wireless sensor Network due to its realistic output and framework support[like Mannasim]. To code in NS2, one must be well aware of the two fundamental languages used in NS2 i.e. C++ and TCL.

We are working with NS2 also for the past 10 years and have developed nearly 1000+ projects in NS2. Due to our vast experience and expertise, we can tutor our students with all major aspect of NS2. NS2 code for wireless sensor Network is one among our major services as we also offer NS2 code support in all major networking areas. You can also approach us any time for any type of code support regarding your project, assignment or lab cycles. Now, let’s have a glance over the major research areas and also topics in NS2 wireless sensor network.

Major Research Areas of WSN
  • Under water Ad hoc sensor Networks
  • Wireless Sensor also in Ad hoc Network
  • Body area sensor also in Network
  • Underwater Acoustic sensor Networks
  • Social Sensor also in Networks
  • Underground sensor Network
  • Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Terrestrial also in Sensor Network
  • Wireless Body Area Networks
Latest topics for NS2 code in wireless sensor Networks:
  • Prevention and also detection of Wormhole attack detection in wireless Network coding systems
  • Early warning also using advanced wireless earthquake alarm system
  • Soil sensor for advanced wireless automatic digital pumping system also in agricultural system
  • Embedded Web technology also in Traffic monitoring system
  • Modern security application also using advanced wireless bank security system with Remote alarm
  • Ultrasonic sensor for Real time lane detection also for autonomous vehicles
  • Multi sensor for smoke, temperature , Metal, gas and also Intruder security robot using Zigbee technology
  • Cost aware secure routing protocol also for WSN[Wireless sensor network]

      We also have enumerate only few major research areas and topics for scholar’s reference. Also We do not confine our support with the static list of topics as we feel that every student must work upon their own interest and creativity. We also offer thousands of ingenious and also innovative ideas for our students as per their interested research domain. Click one mail to us to enjoy our unlimited service and also guidance.


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