Our refund policy is to help our customers to know about the proper knowledge of our terms and conditions. We 100% assure that if any customer is not satisfied with our service or product, we are ready to refund the money with in specified time. Cancellation of project is only acceptable when there is no chance for redo or we can’t deliver the project to the user.

We offer money back guarantee only for:

  • If our product or services not satisfied your expectations
  • If our experts not working for your services or products accurately
  • If you are not 100% satisfied.

        If users cancelled their project or service, they can get their refunded amount with on one or more working days. We can refund money directly to users or through check so users are requested to give your personal information [name, phone number, address and email address] carefully to our company. Project or service cancellation is only accepted after we receive notice from the users.

We follow some rules in refund policy:

  • Money back guarantee is provide when the user provide a valid reason for cancelling our service.
  • Users are requested to cancelling their project in a specified period of time. As per our refund policy, user cannot cancel your project in middle phase i.e. after completion of half of the project and also we are not accepting the cancellation during the delivery of the project.
  • If you are agree with our terms and conditions we settled your amount as a single payment.