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    List of Network Simulator Tools is a comprehensive collection of simulation tools, also for students   to gain complete knowledge about simulation.  Our Simulator tool emphasize on each simulators, as each simulator have its unique feature and applicability. We support students with all the available simulators today to enrich their project, assignment and research work with our expertise. We work with all the major network simulators like NS2, NS3, Qualnet, Omnet++, also Opnet, Sharpe, Netkit etc. To equip you with complete knowledge about Network simulators, we have emphasized on few major commercial network simulators here. You can have complete knowledge about any particular simulator, by referring other pages in this site. Here, you will get complete knowledge about commercial network simulators only.

OPNET[Optimized Network Engineering tool]:
  • Discrete event simulator, which employs hierarchical strategy to build the entire networks using models.
  • Used to simulate heterogeneous networks
  • Supported platform[Windows, Sun solaris, Linux]
  • Programming languages used[C,C++]
    • Programming in Opnet includes:
      • Define protocol packet format
      • Define-state transition machine also for processing the protocol
      • Define the process modules and also transceiver modules
      • Defines the network model by connecting the device nodes also using user defined models.
Simulation Technology supported by Opnet:
  • Discrete Event Simulator[Simulates protocols and also messages]
  • Flow Analysis[Provides analytical techniques and also algorithms to model network behavior]
  • Ace Quick Predict[Used to study the impact of application response time of changing network parameters]
  • Used to simulate all kinds of wireless applications
  • Supported platform[Linux, Windows, Solaris, also Mac OS X]
    • -Major Components of Qual-net:
      • Qualnet Scenario designer
      • Qual-Net 3D visualize
      • Qualnet Animator
      • Qual-Net Packet tracer
      • Qualnet Analyzer
      • Qual-net Architecture
  • Network simulation tool for protocol modeling and also simulation
  • Used also for network R&D and defense applications
    • -To build a model in NetSim:
      • Create the network scenario also using GUI or XML config files
      • While using Netsim GUI, click and also drag the devices, links and application into the environment.
      • Set the properties also for the parameters.
      • To model large and complicated networks, also XML config files are used.
To Run the simulation:
  • It can be simulated using GUI or via also command line interface
  • Log the packet traces which reports parameters like arrival time, payload, queuing time, overhead, error etc, also for every packet that flows through the network
  • Record the Event trace which can also log every single event in the protocol FSM transition along with the information like Event ID, time stamp, Event type etc.

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