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Highlights about NS-2
  • Language support[Object oriented TCL, C++]
  • Tools support[NAM , Xgraph, Gnuplot]
  • Platform support[MAC OS X, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu]
  • Supports real time simulation[Emulation support]
  • Open source discrete event simulator
  • Provide support for various protocols like TCP, UDP, FTP, DSR and HTTP
  • Used for the simulation of wired and wireless networks

Research Areas for NS-2

Wireless sensor Network:
  • Issues with coverage and connectivity
  • Clustering techniques in Wireless sensor Networks
  • Data aggregation in WSN
  • Energy efficient MAC protocol
  • Mobility management in WSN
Mobile Ad hoc Networks:
  • Mobility models and management
  • Self organising network protocols
  • Proactive and reactive routing protocols
  • Location aware Routing
  • Multicast and energy efficient routing protocols
  • MAC issues in MANET
  • TCP issues in MANET
  • Reducing Routing protocol overhead
  • QOS concepts in Ad hoc networks
  • Security attacks in MANET
  • Reputation and trust based approach in Ad hoc Networks
  • Defense mechanism against stealthy attack, black hole and grey hole attack
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks:
  • Intelligent transportation system
  • Cloud computing with VANET
  • Hybrid Networks for VANET
  • V2V and V2I infrastructure communication
  • Security approach in service oriented VANET
  • Defense mechanism and also security issue in VANET
  • Road safety in VANET
  • Emergency communication and also safety enhancement in VANET
  • Trust management and also privacy issues in VANET
  • Authentication and also location privacy in VANET
  • Key distribution and also clustering in VANET
Mobile Wireless Network:
  • Wireless MAC
  • Connectivity with 3G,4G and also 5G
  • Route optimization
  • Mobility management and also Ipv6 protocol
  • Handover mechanism and also location management
  • LTE and UMTS
  • Data scheduling and also data broadcasting issues
  • Security Enhancement and also attack prevention
 Recent Research topics in NS-2:
  • Energy efficiency in MANET also using node energy aware modified DSR protocol
  • Media Independent handover mechanism also using QoE driven vertical handover algorithm
  • Employing efficient clustering technique also for data centric wireless sensor Networks
  • Energy efficient and scalable MAC protocol also for wireless sensor Networks
  • Communication optimization under wormhole attack also using fuzzy integrated HMM Model in Mobile Network
  • Specification based Intrusion detection system also for Camouflaging wormhole attack in OLSR protocol
  • Parameter tuning of OLSR Routing protocol in VANET also using Metaheuristic algorithm
  • Modelling 3D video user experience also for Mobile wireless networks
  • Classification of Marine wireless communication also using decision tree based data classification
  • Hybrid Model to extend V2V [Vehicle to vehicle] interconnection also using D2D architecture
  • Multi lane network optimization scheme in Vehicular Network also based on connectivity probability perception

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