Network Simulation Projects is one of the most recent choices of scholars due to its advance features. Before we know about Network projects, it is must that we also have idea about what is network simulation. Network simulation is a way also use to give real scenario of a network using network simulation tools. Here we have given a brief explanation about the network simulation tools and where it can also use. We have given only few major simulators, but we work on all the recent simulators. It is provide for just getting an idea also for students to how to work with simulation projects. For more tool and also topic details, contact us anytime. We have renown experts with us who will guide you also best to select the most suitable title as per your need.


      Let’s first learn about Network simulation tools and also the areas where it can used. This will give a deep insight for students to know how to select Network simulation projects. Each simulator is specific in its feature; the only thing is selection of simulation tool as per your project. We also provide best guidance for the selection of projects as well as tool used for it. We also have nearly 1000+ titles for network simulation but our topics are not static. Each time, we also come with new and novel ideas that will best suit the demand of the student.

Network Simulator 2

Ns2 Simulator is also most commonly used simulator which is used in major expanding areas like:

  • Simulation of wireless sensor networks and also protocols
  • Evaluation and performance of new and also existing network
  • Used to stimulate IP networks
  • Used for mobile ad hoc networks and also protocols.

Following are the Protocol support provide by Ns2 in each area:

For Wired Networks:

        Major protocols also used are HTTP transport layer, FTP, Telnet, SCTP,TCP, UDP, RTCP, Routing protocols like Multicast/Unicast/hierarchical Routing protocols, Worm Model, also satellite Networking.

Wireless Sensor network:

Supports all routing protocols:


Supports TCP, UDP, Routing protocols like DSR,AODV, TORA, ZRP, also AOMDV, Mac Layer like IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16


      Ns3 is an open source simulator written in C++ and also Python script. Major areas where it can be implement are:

  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Software defined networks
  • Ad hoc networks and also mesh networks
  • Network security also based projects
  • Wireless body area network etc

   OMNET++  is also a GUI based simulation tool which makes it best to use in all types of network like wired network, wireless network and also distributed network. It is also mainly used in VANET, Queuing network simulation and computer networks.

  • Castalia OMNET++: Specially also use for Wireless sensor network
  • OMNET SUMO: also use for vehicular ah hoc network
  • OMNET Smart Grid: Use as next generation power distribution network.

      Qualnet is also a commercial simulator which is used commonly due to its scalability and high fidelity. Major areas where we can use Qualnet is:

  • Wireless and also wired networks
  • Cellular networks
  • 5G networks
  • Manet Networks
  • Satellite networks

      It is also defined as Optimize network engineering tool which is mainly used for wireless networks. Its major features are also its GUI environment, advanced simulation framework, and performance analysis.  Major areas where it can also used are:

  • Zigbee and also Bluetooth
  • Wi-Max
  • 3 G and 4G networks etc