NS2 code can be implemented in various platforms like UNIX, Linux, Sun OS/Solaris and free BSD.  It is used in NS-2 simulation environment which is mainly used for networking research. N-S simulator is a discrete event simulator which is available in various versions like ns-1,ns-2 and ns-3 etc.  It is mainly used for the simulation of routing protocols, IP protocols such as TCP, UDP, SRM and RTP for both wired and wireless networks etc.

       In this NS2 code is easy for scholars and students to learn and implement. We have given many workshops and also training in NS2-code as our service. Our students can learn it from us as we focus on both concept and implementation. NS2 can code using the following two languages. Each of the language has its pros and cons. It is also the responsibility of the developer to understand the real need of the language. As per the need of the language, developer can make use of it efficiently. We also have world class developers working with us, who can also show practical implementation of each concept they develop. We also help students to learn about NS2 code using the following languages so that they can be our future assets.

We have discussed about the two most important languages of Ns-2 below:

  • It is a compiled programming language which is mainly also used for internal mechanism in networking.
  • And also It facilitate event scheduling, packet forwarding and also is generally easy to code and run.
  • The only problem, we face while also using C++ is the compilation process which is little annoying.
OTcl(Object Oriented TCL):
  • It is an interpret programming language which is an extension of Tool Command language (TCL) .
  • Also It is mainly use to create a network and configure it. It is comparatively slower than C++ but it does not need compilation.

      We also emphasize on NS-2 as learning in a practical way is always important than knowing the concept alone. As we have also conduct numerous workshops and relate programs in this field, we prefer that students can learn code easily which will give them better understanding about their concept and it will useful for their future research. Our developers are versatile in nature, along with development; they will explain every code they have implement to our student. We also work on major areas where Ns-2 code can also used.

Few such areas are:
  • Software defined Networking
  • Optical Network
  • Wi-Fi network applications
  • Ad hoc networks
  • 4G(LTE) and also 5G
  • Network security
  • IPv4 and also IPv6
  • Voice over IP

     We also cannot confine the area; here we have just provided few areas where we work. Students can also bring any concept and area; we also will implement it in NS2 with the preeminent output.

We have given few syntax for Ns2 installation in Linux to get a glance about NS2 :
  • Copy ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz file also to your home directory.
  • Run terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T .
  • Execute “tar -xzvf ns-allinone-2.35.tar.gz” command.
  • Execute “cd ns-allinone-2.35” command.
  • Execute”./install” command.
  • Execute “cd ns2.35” command.
  • Execute”./validate” command.