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     NS2 Projects in Wireless offers you wide collection of innovative and also newfangled ideas for undertaking your project in NS2. It is one of the most prevalent Simulation tool used in the midst of scholars due to its easy to code capability. It also offers many additional capabilities like Real time simulation, distributed and also parallel simulation and GUI support. Undertaking a project in NS2 requires little knowledge about NS2 and also the areas in which it is used.

Below, we also have enumerated few major research areas in NS2, along with its major concepts. Using one of the concepts as your base idea, you can also mine plenty of novel ideas for your project. If you feel it difficult, approach us, we will start our guidance with project topic selection and also end with complete code implementation.

  • Used to simulate wired and also wireless Network
  • Open source simulator also used to analyze the overall performance of Network
Used to
  • Model the behavior of Network protocols and also applications
  • Analyze the behavior of nodes present also in the Network
  • Quantify the network performance also using well defined network metrics


Mobile Ad hoc Networks
  • Interfacing also with other Networks
  • Mobility Constrained concepts
  • Effective Routing algorithm[also QOS based]
  • Congestion control mechanism
  • Handover between different Networks/same network
Wireless Sensor Network
  • Sensing related applications[e.g Military application]
  • Energy constrained Routing
  • Capability to Sense environment
  • Measure change also in environment[Caution information]
  • Clustering techniques
  • Battery level
  • Body sensor Networks
  • Attackers[False sensing information]
Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
  • Emergency event dissemination
  • Safety precaution
  • Inter Roadside communication
  • Intervehicle communication
  • Security also in packet transmission
  • Vehicle to Roadside communication
Cognitive Radio Networks
  • Optimized use of Spectrum
  • Decision Making
  • Spectrum sensing and also allocation
Other Major Research area
  • Robotic sensor Network
  • 5G Networks
  • Optical Networks
  • Visual Sensor Network
  • Underwater Acoustic Networks etc

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