We do provide good quality service to our customers.  We promise 3 things before we start your Ns2 project work.

  • Possibility
  • Time
  • Cost


We guide a brief statement whether the topic is possible or not and if so explain the concept.


The time period to finish the project.


How much does it cost.

Project packages is also guided to students and scholars like executable code, screenshot, database, supporting tools, documentation, base paper, video file and read me file.    Documentation support is fully provided.  We do support on following basis and project is guided through

  1. Team viewer

                        By using team viewer are execute the NS2 project in “YOUR SYSTEM” also.

  1. SKYPE

                        Regarding project doubt, project explanation face to face conversation is provided worldwide for NS2 Project.

  1. Telephone conversation

                       By means of telephone we guide students and scholars for their NS2 project.

  1. VIDEO File & Audio file
  2. Direct conversation

                      Students & scholars may come to our concern and share their opinion directly regarding NS2 project.  We believe that every customer is important and keep customers happy as well as bringing on new customer.

Engineering project in ns2