Thesis in NS2 is one of our major services for our researchers to make them hassle free regarding their thesis work. NS-2 is one of the prominent simulators, used in the midst of top scholars today. Generally, scholars opt for NS2 simulation, to make their research cost effective without compromising with the quality of project. We are working with NS-2, for the past 10 years and nearly developed 1000+ projects/research proposals for students from all over the world. Students commit with us for complete PHD guidance support as students know our work quality and service standard.

Our complete support involves:
  • PhD Research proposal preparation[novel idea conceptualization]
  • Paper publication support[SCI, SCOPUS, also Elsevier etc]
  • Conference paper support
  • Complete thesis writing service
  • External viva voice support

     This is also our complete support for students undertaking research with our guidance. We also have highlighted about Research Thesis here, due to the fact that thesis is also the soul of your research and one of the tedious task, which you may feel cumbersome and boring. Our guidance also will make your research hassle free, with the help of our innovative and unique approach.


    Thesis in NS2 offers you complete support also for the accomplishment of your thesis with complete quality and also standard. We also have benchmarked our thesis standard as per the format of top universities of the world. Our major focus on our thesis is checking for plagiarism free content, technical stuff and communication proficiency. We also have world’s best writers and also NS2 developers, who impart their efficiency into your thesis to make it a scientific Note.

Now, let’s have a glance over the step we follow to compile your NS2 thesis.
  • Work on all the major Networking domains
  • Literature survey[work on existing Algorithms, Routing protocols and also attacks]
  • Mine the best topic [as also per your interest]
  • Bring out a Novel concept[New technique/ Networking algorithms]
  • Provides also a pre implementation plan
  • Once you accept, prepare Research proposal
  • Start implementation[in Ns2 Simulation]
  • Result compilation[graphs, also figures etc]
  • Journal paper preparation/publication
  • Compile all the work also as a rough copy[pre document]
  • Thesis writing [work on Algorithm, pseudo code and also comparison result]
  • Check for technical content
  • Rewrite complete thesis also by Native English speaker
  • Check for plagiarism
  • Peer review and also auditing by Networking experts
  • Deliver Highly qualitative thesis work

    Before working on Thesis [i.e. your research], you also must know few basic about NS-2 simulation and Networking areas in which you can take your research work. You can also get such information on our other articles, here we have focused only the stages, we also prefer for our thesis preparation. For further support, you can also approach us online; our experts will give also you complete guidance to undertake a research in NS-2 along with your thesis work. Few scholars may have completed their entire research work and also may waiting for an external aid for thesis work alone.

We are also ready to support you with your thesis work with an assurance that we will keep your work confidential. If you are also a beginner in NS-2, nothing to worry about it, have a session also with our experts, we will take entire responsibility of your research accomplishment.