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  • Discrete Event Simulator
  • Available as Open source Simulator
  • It Used also to design a network [Protocol design, traffic Modeling, topological modeling etc]
  • Linux
  • Windows[Cygwin]
  • Ubuntu

NS2 is also implement using two major languages i.e. C++ and OTCL.

C++[Compiled programming language]:
  • It Used as a backend language
  • Used to run the overall simulation
  • It needs to be compiled and also link to create an executable file
  • Using TCL, C++ objects can also map to OTCL handles
  • Object oriented version of TCL[Tool command language]
  • Used also for Front End operations
  • It is Used as a scripting language and also act as user interface
  • Used also to create a network, where you do not need to compile the code each time as changes are made in the simulation scenarios.
  • And also Used to initialize event scheduler and connects blocks [like classifier, links, and also agents] within each NS2 Components.
Major Tools Used In Ns2:

These tools are used to improve the visualization of the constructed network in NS2.

  • Network Animator[NAM]
  • X-Graph
  • Trace file
  • AWK Script

NS2 Simulation Steps:

Simulation Design:
  • Determine the purpose of Simulation
  • Set the Network Configuration
  • Exploit also the performance metrics
  • Analyze also the expected output

Configuring and Running Simulation:

Network Configuration phase:
  • Configuration of Network components like TCP,UDP, also FTP
  • Event initialization like data transfer time
Simulation Phase:
  • Start the Simulation also with the components configured
  • Maintain also the Simulation Clock
  • Execute also the Events
  • Until the simulation clock reaches the specified threshold value, also the simulation runs.
Post Simulation Phase:
  • Verify also the integrity of the program[Debugging]
  • Evaluate also the overall performance[Compiling]

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