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    NS2 Wireless Projects, an initiative start with the help of top experts and networking engineers from all over the world. Our only motive is student’s satisfaction and contentment. We also never work for money; we work for student’s ultimate happiness, which gives us immense pleasure. NS-2 wireless  implement in TCL [Tool command language] with fixed number of nodes. To take up a project in NS2, students must aware of the major concepts and networking areas of NS2.

We also have emphasize here, few networks along with its routing mechanism, for students to have an idea for their project. Similarly, you can consider other networking concepts like networking attacks, algorithms and performance metrics to enhance your project. You can get details more details about NS-2 projects by referring other page of our site. Now, let’s have a glance over few major wireless networks used in NS-2 projects.

Wi-Fi Mesh Networks:
Routing Mechanism:
  • Predictive Routing
  • Oblivious Routing
  • Its applicability[IPv4,Mobile IPv4, Proxy Mobile IPv6, Mobile IPv6, Multi-protocol label switching]
Cognitive Radio Networks:
Routing protocols:
  • Dynamic spectrum aware routing
  • Spectrum aware Routing
  • Spectrum aware on demand Routing protocol
  • Reactive source also based in Routing
  • Cognitive tree also based Routing
  • Local coordination also based Routing
  • Spectrum aware Mesh Routing
  • Multi hop Single transceiver cognitive Radio network Routing protocol
Wireless Sensor Networks:

Routing Protocols:

-Flat Routing:
  • Minimum cost forwarding algorithm
  • Rumor Routing
  • Energy aware Routing
  • Gradient also based Routing
-Hierarchical Routing:
  • LEACH protocol
  • Self organizing protocol
  • Sensor Aggregates Routing
  • Threshold sensitive energy Efficient protocols
  • Hierarchical power aware Routing
  • Virtual Grid architecture Routing
-Location based Routing:
  • Geographic Adaptive fidelity
  • Greedy other adaptive face routing
  • Geographic and also in energy aware routing

-Multi path Routing

-Coherent Routing

-Negotiation Routing

Satellite Networks:
  • Destruction Resistance also in Routing algorithm
  • Distributed also in Multipath Routing
  • Handover Optimized also in Routing algorithm
  • Routing Mechanism also based on Steiner tree.
  • An Efficient Mechanism also for Multi Routing Protocol Enabled Of Ns2 Simulating On Wireless Mesh Networks
  • A Survey of Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol in Research and also Development Of Ns2
  • The Novel Technique of Multi Hop Wireless Networks also in Ns2 Based Upon 802.11 Physical Layers
  • An Effective Mechanism also for Wireless Sensor Network Route Protocol Based On the Ns2 Simulation
  • Efficient Mechanism of Simulation also Based Ns2 for Wireless Sensor Forest Anti Fire Network

        Hope you also would have got a clear idea to take your wireless project. We have also provide few topics and routing protocols above, for students to have a glance over it. Also, We never confine our work with any particular topic or protocol. If you feel to have also more topics for your NS-2 projects or want any guidance on any particular concept, approach our experts through online. We also will give you complete guidance for your project along with all necessary documentation.