Network Simulator Projects gives you an idea about projects that can be done using Network simulators. We have done many Network simulator projects and got best feedback worldwide. Simulation is one of the best fields where we can give best results. There are plenty of Network simulator and areas in networking, which will give you thousand of new ideas. We have separate team working on networking projects as it is one of the vast domains which has no limitation. Our team regularly gets updated about all the recent tools, concept in the field of networking. We have covered all the areas in networking; we feel we are best knowledge hub for scholars who feel to work with Network Simulator Projects.


     To work with Simulator projects, let’s first know about the areas and tools used for simulation. There is a wide range of area in networking where we can use simulation, they are:

  • Wireless Communication and Mobile Communication
  • Mobile Computing and parallel computing
  • Software Defined Network
  • Mobile Cloud computing
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Wireless Network and Network security
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • Telecommunication and Video streaming
  • Internet of things
  • 3G ,4G(LTE) and 5 G networks
  • M2M communication
  • Wireless Body area Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks(CRN)
  • Social sensor network

       These are the few areas, we have just mentioned for students reference. There are numerous areas and various topics under each area where we can work. We expect students to choose an area and contact us, so that we can further guide them in a better way. If students feel it difficult for the selection of topic, we are ready to guide them even with our online guidance. Another important aspect which students should think before taking a networking project is the simulation tools. Students should be aware of all the tools to best implement their project. We are providing list of tools that we prefer for simulation:

Most preferred simulation tool:

  • NS 2 and NS3
  • OMNET++
  • QUALNET simulator

     We feel that students can use any simulation tool, but result should be best. We can give 100 percent guarantee for the best result. Let’s have a glance on all the tools, we work on:

  • OneSim simulator
  • PSIM simulator
  • Mininet
  • GloMosim
  • Groove Net simulator
  • JIST simulator
  • STRAW simulator
  • Sumo simulator
  • TOSSIM simulator
  • TraNs simulator
  • VEINS simulator
  • Cooja simulator
  • TinyOs simulator
  • Divert Traffic simulator etc.


      We have provided few tools and topics for the reference of students. Each simulator has specific feature and can provide best result if used accordingly. For example, VEINS simulator can give best result for VANET. These are the basic facts which can make your project as the best.  Before selecting a project or tool, it will be best that you can have a guidance from us which will make your work a groundbreaking history.