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  NS2 Simulator Projects offers you a wide collection of innovative and pioneer ideas to undertake your projects/research work in NS2. NS2 [Network Simulator 2] is a prevalently used simulation tool due to its wide popularity in the midst of scholars and young researchers. It is an open source simulator used to simulate wide range of Networks [Wired and wireless networks]. It primarily works on UNIX based system and uses two major languages [C++ and TCL] to program. We have developed 1000+ projects in NS2, for various students from all over the world. Our expertise and experience is immense and immeasurable, which makes us a knowledge hub for students, who wish to work on recent technologies and techniques to upgrade their profile. Before undertaking a project in NS2, scholars must know about NS2 completely along with its major area for research. We have provided few major networking areas and concepts below, for scholars to get some informative content for their project.

NS2 Simulation:

  • Evaluates the existing network protocol performance
  • Used to simulate any type of network and its protocols
  • Used to Simulate a variety of IP based Networks

Major Networking Research Areas and concepts:

Network Security and attacks:

Major Attacks:

  • Wormhole attack
  • Sniffer attack
  • Unauthorized access methods
  • Trojan horses
  • Denial of service attack
  • DDOS attacks

Common Security algorithms:

  • Message Authentication code[MAC]
  • Cryptographic hash function
  • Digital Signature

Long Term Evolution [4G], 5G, Wi-fi and Wi-Max:

  • Scalability Issue
  • Improving spectral efficiency
  • Reducing power efficiency

IPv4 and IPv6:

  • Neighbor discovery protocol
  • Route discovery
  • Mobile IPv6
  • QOS enhancement and trust management

Heterogeneous Networks:

  • Enhancing Network efficiency
  • Handover Mechanism
  • Work with Routing protocols


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