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    Get our Network security Master thesis help to excel your research career with the help of our guidance and support. Now let’s have a glance over the major research areas, attacks and security algorithms in Network security.

Master Thesis Help in the following Research areas:

  • Wireless Network security
  • Visual Cryptography
  • Steganography
  • Image Forensic
  • Multimedia Security
  • Information security and Forensic
  • Cryptography and Cyber security
  • Web Security
  • Security in Software defined networks
  • RFID technologies
  • Security in telecommunication network
  • Ad hoc Network security
  • Collaborative network security
  • Embedded Network security
  • IPv6 Network security

Network Security tools and Software’s:

  • NST[C]
  • EXATA[C++]

Network security algorithms and attacks:

Networking algorithms:

  • Attribute based encryption algorithm
  • Adaptive weighted algorithm
  • Packet Classification algorithm
  • Elliptical curve cryptography
  • Byte Rotation algorithm
  • AES and DES algorithm
  • Path redundancy based security algorithm
  • Network access control algorithm
  • BESA cryptographic algorithm
  • BSC cryptographic algorithm
  • Dynamic cryptographic algorithm
  • Real time rule matching algorithm
  • Beaver Algorithm

Networking attacks:

  • Wormhole attack
  • Black hole attack
  • Brute force attack
  • Jamming attacks
  • Spoof attack
  • Hijack attack
  • Packet capturing attack
  • DNS Query attack
  • Ping sweep attack
  • Denial of service attacks
  • MiTM attacks
  • Phishing attack
  • SSL attack
  • Shellshock attack
  • Backdoor and botnet attack


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