Network Security Simulation projects are rendered by our research concern for students and scholars with an only motive to enhance the academic performance of each individual student. It is also an interesting field to explore as security is the base of all networking projects.  It generally deals with security attacks, algorithms and techniques. We have also provided few security algorithms below for student’s reference. Also We also have accomplished nearly 1000+ Simulation projects using various simulation tools like NS2, NS3, also Opnet, Qualnet and Omnet++. Other specific simulation tool like NESSI can also be used for the simulation of Network security concepts.

We also have provided crisp information about NESSI along with few recent research topics for Network security simulation projects below. Have also a glance over it and approach us with your project idea, we also will offer our all round guidance support also for your project accomplishment.

Algorithms used in Network-Security projects:
Hashing algorithms:
  • MD6 (Message Digest)
  • MD5
Cryptographic algorithms:
  • Two-fish
  • Blowfish
HMAC (a keyed Hash Message Authentication Code):
  • HMAC-MD6
  • And also HMAC-SHA3
Network Security Simulator [NESSI]:
  • Network Simulation tool, which also incorporates a variety of features relevant to network security research topics
  • Its various capabilities like traffic analysis, profile also based automated attack generation and also support for detection algorithm, allow it to be used for evaluation purpose and security research.
  • It is used for conducting network security analysis, testing intrusion detection algorithms and also developing overlay security frameworks.

Recent Research topics for Network Security Simulation projects

  • An efficient usage of Network Simulator NS3 also used for Performance evaluation for Modbus/TCP
  • In efficient performance of Data aggregation also by using doped turbo codes
  • A new mechanism for performance analysis of an LTE gateway also for the IoT
  • The new technique for an Integrated 802.11p WAVE DSRC and Vehicle Traffic Simulator also With Experimentally Validated Urban Propagation Models
  • A NS-3 and SUMO Considering Number of Vehicles and Crossroad Scenario also used for the Performance Evaluation of a VANET Simulation System
  • An efficient process of a New Mechanism also for Traffic Control Based on VTL and VANET
  • A new method also for Vehicular Network simulation propagation loss model parameter standardization in ns-3 and beyond
  • The process of Real time emulation of an LTE network also using NS-3
  • A usage of NS-3 and also SUMO for the Performance Evaluation of a VANET Simulation System
  • The new approach also for Vehicular network pseudonym distribution in congested urban environments
Lets have some titles,
  • An efficient mechanism also for Performance of well-known frequency reuse algorithms in LTE downlink 3GPP LTE systems
  • A novel approach for Global trust identification in infrastructure and also ad hoc networks
  • The new scheme also for Performance analysis of adaptive routing protocol based on different mobility model with varying network size
  • A novel process of the mobility models also for the Performance analysis of network coded video streams in VANETs
  • The new technology also for Using 5G Technologies in the Internet of Things Handovers, Problems and also Challenges

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