Wireless Ns2 Projects will soon become a slogan in the midst of scholars due to its wide applicability and research scope. Wireless technology is ruling our entire world, then why it should rule the field of Simulation. As we always focus on latest technologies and tools, students feel that we are their all time favorite destination, where they can get what they need. We breathe for innovation, ingenuity and creativity, which make our students to feel pleasured with our service. We have developed nearly 1000+ simulation projects for students from all over the world which has made us world renowned institute today. Our service for our students is our promise and dedication towards our student. Once you commit with us, you can be hassle free regarding your project.


    Wireless NS2 projects are preferred by majority of scholars and students today due to its vast development and research scope. We are living in an era of wireless networking, where everything we see and feel is based on wireless technology. Wireless technology is defined as one way of communication medium where information is sent through invisible waves over the air medium. In NS2, wireless networks can be created by using mobile nodes and links between nodes are measured by using distance between them. We have well trained developers for NS2, who can impart their complete knowledge into your project to make it proficient and effective. Now, let’s see few major application areas and topics in NS2, for students to get an idea about Wireless NS2 projects.

Major Application areas of Wireless NS2:

Mobile Ad hoc Networks:

  • Personal area network[Cell phones, Laptops]
  • Military applications
  • Emergency Operations
  • Civilian Applications
  • Video transmission

Wireless Mesh Networks:

  • Educational purpose
  • Public Internet access
  • Health care facilities
  • Warehousing and Manufacturing

Wireless Sensor Networks:

  • Industrial process monitoring and control
  • Industrial and civilian Application areas
  • Machine health monitoring
  • Home automation traffic control

Cognitive Radio Networks:

  • Aircraft systems
  • Emergency and public safety
  • Multimedia
  • Mobile Networks
  • Vehicular Networks
  • Smart Grid
  • Cognitive Radio Mesh Network

Artificial Neural Networks:

Intelligent Systems:

  • Routing control
  • Network design management
  • Decision making
  • Fault management

Example topic examples in Wireless Mesh Networks:

  • Streaming video transmission in content centric network based MANET
  • Multimedia streaming application in Adhoc Networks
  • Using MANET in the design and validation of Military applications
  • Emergency system for Natural disasters in MANET
  • Future smart home application using Wireless Mesh networking
  • Emergency response system using MANET-DTN routing mechanism
  • Authentication mechanism for MANET emergency rescue mission using heterogeneous access control.


      We have provided few sample application areas and topics for Wireless NS2 projects. We have enumerated it just for your reference and knowledge. We do not confine our topics or concept within the scope of this page, as our support and knowledge is vast. We work on individual student’s interest and passion i.e. each time students approach us; we mine new ideas and concept for them. We never satisfy our students with any static topic or application. Approach us to mine best and novel idea for your project.