4G Network Simulation Tools are used to provide simulation environment for 4G/LTE Networks. 4-G[4th generation] is a mobile communication technology, which uses LTE broadband technology and WiMax standard for providing effective communication. There are also numerous Network simulation tools, which can provide proficient and cost effective results like Omnet++, NS2, NS3, Opnet, also Qualnet etc. We have provided few major simulation tools also for students to get an idea about 4G Simulation.

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You can also be a part of our renowned institute, by just clicking one mail/call to us. We also will be back to you with our expert’s team of researcher to serve you at 24/7. Now, let’s have also a glance over few major 4G Network simulation tools, for students to get an idea about 4G Simulation.


BWSIM [Broadband Wireless Simulator]:
  • It is an extensible and modular simulation platform also for 4G Wireless Networks
  • Used to simulate multi-cellular heterogeneous environments in the presence of Noise and interference under different channel conditions
  • Few major research areas: link adaptation, interference mitigation, scheduling, MIMO, power control, Mobility and also handover
  • Used for:

 -Building wireless and also LTE Networks

-Network design and simulation

-Testing and also designing L1/L2/L3 algorithms

Valid8 4G Network Emulator:
  • -Used for 4G Network emulation and also load testing
  • -Key features:
    • Signaling request/response messages also for mobility management, call handling, QoS and authentication
    • Realistic Network Emulation up to 1000 of devices and also calls
    • 3G/4G handover and also impairment
    • Report on call connect time, media received, call duration, packet loss and also jitter
    • Generate valid and invalid messages and also call scenario
    • Check parameters in messages from flag errors and also SUT
    • Support for DWR/A, CER/A, CCR-U/A, CCR-I/A, also RAR/A,CCR-T/A/response/request messages
    • Provides Alerts and notifications
    • Supports sending invalid responses like dropped, malformed and also misordered packets
4G Simulator for OMNEST/OMNET++ 4.2:
  • Open source 4G Simulation package, developed under INET framework and written also for Omnet++ simulation system
  • INET framework is an open source Omnet++ Model Suite also for wireless, wired and Mobile Networks
SimuLTE and Veins LTE:
  • In SimuLTE is a simulation tool used for the performance evaluation of LTE and LTE-A Networks
  • It requires Omnet++ v4.6 and INET framework and is written in C++
  • Also It is also an open source tool build on the top of Omnet++ and INET framework. It is also fully customizable with simple pluggable interface
  • VeinsLTE is an extension of Veins. Veins is also an open source vehicular network simulator.
  • Veins LTE is used to provide LTE support also with the integration of SimuLTE and also INET framework
Other Simulation tools:
  • NS3 Network Simulator
  • NS2 Network-Simulator
  • Opnet and QualNet [Commercial Simulator]

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