• Our company privacy policy is well defined and protecting for user’s personal details. Our organization does not share or disclose the user’s personal information to others. User’s personal information is collected only for the communication purpose only. User’s personal data is only shared when a new company is combined to our organization.
  • The main reason for collecting user’s personal information is to provide intimation or deadline of the project.
  • We collect user’s personal information for different purpose. For an example: user’s address information or email address will be used for delivering products and payment transaction details is used for collecting payments and last payment details i.e. only for accounting purpose.

We may collect and store the following kinds of personal details:

-Information we stored in our data base is your name, email address, phone number, address details

-Information about your computer such as your IP address, browser type, length of visit and page views count.

  • User’s personal details are maintained in the high level of confidentiality so that the information is protected and it is disclosed to other users.
  • We use the cookies for analyze the activities of the user’s while accessing our site.
  • This information is very useful to us as we know about the services that are used by our customers. Our organization also uses traffic cookies for monitoring the traffic that access in our web site.
  • Our company systems are strictly banned by external devices like Pen drives, CDs, Floppy disks, Flash drives and so on.
  • We have full rights to change or update the privacy policy at any time. Our company provide wide collection of services and products for user’s so user’s must follow our all the set of terms and conditions to use our services. We have specified some terms and conditions for each and every services.