BIG DATA PROJECTS in progress among the barely aspire also to hand out the junior along with visionary sense. Scholar knows how to sense our leadership and maintain one time they hand over through us. Whether you think to effort going on your aptitude and also probable, come near us with your must, we also spirit be alive your indispensable support evermore.


  • Prediction mechanisms also for monitoring state of cloud resources using Markov chain model
  • A Comparison of Eleven Static Heuristics also for Mapping a Class of Independent Tasks onto Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Systems   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • A survey of Cloud monitoring tools: Taxonomy, capabilities and also objectives
  • Performance and also energy efficiency of big data applications in cloud environments: A Hadoop
  • Toward trustworthy cloud service selection: A time-aware approach using interval neutrosophic set
  • Analysis of flip ambiguity also for robust three-dimensional node localization in wireless sensor networks
  • A novel cooperative accelerated parallel two-list algorithm also for solving the subset-sum problem on a hybrid CPU–GPU cluster
  • Next-generation firewalls: security also with performance
  • Advanced Persistent threats and also how to monitor and deter them
  • Avoiding the misuse of social media by employees
  • The security implications of BYOD
  • Forensic investigation of cloud computing systems   (BIG-DATA-PROJECTS)
  • Three cyber-security strategies to mitigate the impact of a data breach
  • The Impact of the Silk Road Economic Belt and also the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road on global supply chains and also maritime connectivity
  • Scalable Platforms and also Advanced Algorithms for IoT and Cyber-Enabled Applications