Can I Use C++ for IoT

         We have illustrated the significant utilizations that are based on the process of IoT simulation over this article.

C++ Programming for IoT Simulation

        IoT simulation programs in Ns3 are written using C++ programming language and the main file for the simulation process is stored in the scratch folder along with the file extension .cc. In addition, we have highlighted the sample code for installing IoT configuration on node using Ns3.

Ptr dev = m_deviceFactory.Create ();
devs.Add (dev);
node->AddDevice (dev);
dev->SetNetDevice (device);
C++ Based Main File in Ns3

        In addition, OMNeT++ network simulator includes C++ based program code to implement the IoT simulation along with that it uses the C++ compiler for execution. For your ease, we have highlighted the sample C++ code for IoT simulation to regulate message using OMNeT++.

if (msg->getKind() == IP_C_REGISTER_PROTOCOL) { IPRegisterProtocolCommand * command = check_and_cast(msg->removeControlInfo());
mapping.addProtocolMapping(command->getProtocol(), msg->getArrivalGate()->getIndex());
delete msg;

           The source file for both the algorithms is stored in the src folder along with the file extension of .cc and the OMNeT++ source code location is highlighted in the following.

C++ Based Main File in OMNeT++

           If you guys have any queries based on the utilization of C++ programming language in IoT simulation then reach us.