CAN Protocol Based Projects are mostly preferred by research scholars, who wish to undertake a challenging field for research. It is a Controller area network, which enables robust communication between various electronic devices like air bags, Central locking, lighting control, gear control, ABS, Engine management systems, active suspension in automobile systems etc. It is mainly used in embedded system based Networking applications.

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We have provided few basics about CAN protocol along with few recent research topics below,
Functionality of CAN protocol:
  • Provides Serial communication between electronic devices
  • CAN protocol acts as a multi-master protocol
  • Robust in noisy environments
  • Priority based signal setting in electronic devices
Applications of CAN protocol:
  • Factory Automation
  • Auto-motive industry
  • Machine Control
  • Medical Equipment and devices
  • Lifts, escalators, sports cameras, automatic door opens and telescopes.
  • Railway applications such as trams, streetcars, undergrounds, and light railways,
  • Aerospace applications
  • Hospitals control operating room applications like operating lights, X-Ray systems, tables, cameras and patient beds.


  • A new mechanism for an improved realistic mobility model and mechanism for VANET based on SUMO and also NS3 collaborative simulations
  • An efficient process on Data Center Networks by using NS3 Simulator
  • The usage of a Wi-Fi Simulation Model also Which Supports Channel Scanning across Multiple Non-overlapping Channels in NS3
  • The performance on Network Education with NS3 also by using Analysis and Utilizing of the Error Models
  • The process of Multihop Clear Channel Assessment in 802.11 DCF based on NS3 simulation and also analysis of MCCA
  • An efficient performance simulation of AODV MANET routing protocol also in NS-2 & NS-3
  • The usage of NS3-based simulation system also in heterogeneous wireless network
Recent topics for CAN protocol
  • A new method for the Implementation of 2 × 2 MIMO in an LTE module also for the ns3 simulator
  • The process of Evaluation Using CAVENET and NS3 based on Performance of OLSR and DSDV Protocols also in a VANET Scenario
  • A new security mechanism for the Simulation of Black hole and also Jellyfish attack on MANET by using NS3
  • An efficient usage of Fading Model with SUMO and also NS3 based on the Performance Evaluation of OLSR and also AODV in VANET Cloud Computing
  • Improve the Performance of Real-Time and also Non-Real-Time Traffic Transmission based on an IEEE 802.16 MAC Layer Downlink Scheduler Implemented in NS3
  • The usage of NS3, LXC and VLC also for Measuring QoS and QoE of multimedia streaming
  • A new technique for Simulation Model and also Comparison for Satellite Links in Ku and Ka Bands also for Standards-based on DVB-S2 and also NS3
  • The new mechanism also for Comparison of routing protocols of MANET in real world scenario using NS3

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