NS2 Projects

1  Re-identification of anonymized CDR data sets using social network data [ PROJECTS NS2]
2  Enhanced time-based Interest protocol in content-centric networking[ PROJECTS NS2]
3  Evaluation of software-defined networking for power systems[ PROJECTS NS2]
4  On Demand Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks[ PROJECTS NS2]
5  IEEE Standard for Ubiquitous Green Community Control Network Protocol[ PROJECTS NS2]
6  The next generation of networked experiences[ PROJECTS NS2]
7  memory and system architecture for networking and beyond[ PROJECTS NS2]
8  Analyzing Metropolitan-Area Networking within Public Transportation Systems for Smart City Applications[ PROJECTS NS2]
9  Smart wireless sensor network management based on software-defined networking[ PROJECTS NS2]
10  ARQ scheme of multimedia streaming for hybrid delivery over heterogeneous network[ PROJECTS NS2]