2014 NS2 Projects

1  VANET via Named Data Networking[THESIS NS2]
2  Automatic control on transmission power in wireless networking[THESIS NS2]
3  Designing a Peer Support System for Computer Programming Courses Using Online Social Networking Software[THESIS NS2]
4  Autonomic Networking – from theory to practice[THESIS NS2]
5  Mapping of delay-sensitive virtual networks[THESIS NS2]
6  Opportunistic networking for improving the energy efficiency of multi-hop cellular networks[ns2 project]
7  Towards SLA Policy Refinement for QoS Management in Software-Defined Networking[ns2 project]
8  Publisher mobility support in content centric networks[ns2 project]
9  On the Tradeoff between Performance and User Privacy in Information Centric Networking[ns2 project]
10  Community detection in opportunistic networks using memory-based cognitive heuristics[ns2 project]