CBR Full Form in Ns2

Through this article our research professionals have highlighted the significance about the functions of CBR in network simulator 2 along with the depiction of its full form.

Abbreviation of CBR

Most significantly, CBR is denoted as constant bit rate and it is deployed in the networking streaming applications as content which can be transferred through the limited channel capacity. Then, CBR in Ns2 is considered as one of the most important factors in the network simulations.

Command for CBR Traffic Generator in Ns2

For you reference, we have highlighted the commands that are used for the creation and parameterization of CBR traffic generator.

set cbrobj [new Application/Traffic/CBR]

$cbrobj set packetSize_ 48

$cbrobj set rate_ 64Kb

$cbrobj set random_ 1

Command to Create Random Traffic Patterns Using CBR

Through the utilization of CBR, the traffic generator scripts are accessible over the “~ns/indep-utils/cmu-scen-gen” and that is represented as “cbrgen.tcl”. In addition, the below mentioned commands are used for the functions of the system.

ns cbrgen.tcl [-type cbr|tcp] [-nn nodes] [-seed seed] [-mc connections] [-rate rate]

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