Computer Network Project for students

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      It is the common factor in Computer network project for students. Communication between each other in distribute fashion used to monitor the environment condition. The power of the sensors is provide by battery and is usually attach to microcontroller. The long life time and high reliability with maximum coverage is the main goal of the Wireless sensor network. The most important issue for networks is routing techniques where the resources are limit. In the first hierarchical routing approaches for sensor networks are LEACH. Most of the clustering algorithms are derive from this LEACH algorithm in Computer network project for students. In this project for students paper we propose an improvement on the LEACH Protocol.


       Every cluster divide into 7 subsections that are call cells in our proposed algorithm. Also every cell has a cell-head in Computer network. Cell-heads directly communicate with cluster-heads which aggregate their cell information and therefore they prevent sensors from communicating. In addition, for a cluster-head selection formula we have made some changes in computation of the threshold value. The efficiency reduce energy consumption and extend the network lifetime which was the main cause proposed in Computer-network students. We evaluate Cell-LEACH performs better than LEACH and LEACH-C protocols and LEACH, LEACH-C and Cell-LEACH through extensive simulations using JSIM simulator which shows that.


         Our Computer network CELL-LEACH divides every network cluster into 7 subsections that call cells. Also every cell in a cluster has a cell-head. They prevent sensors from communicating when they aggregate their cell information. The energy consumption and the network lifetime are extend by the efficiency of the network on Computer-network for students.


       The most popular hierarchical and cluster based routing protocol design for a wireless sensor network is LEACH which is used in Computer network project for students. The communication process is divide into rounds in LEACH. In LEACH, the nodes in the deploy area organize into local clusters. The rounds in a LEACH are classified into set-up and steady-state phases. Each cluster has a cluster head (CH) during the communication process. The cluster head (CH) is responsible for creating and manipulating a TDMA (time division multiple access) schedule table which is used by its member nodes to get when to transfer data packets.

         The sensor nodes are trigger to send data to their own cluster head instead of the remote base station by themselves when some emergency affairs happen in the monitor area. The data coming from different member nodes can be collect by the cluster head. Some aggregation to diminish the redundancy firstly and then transmits them to BS done by this cluster head. So as to save energy the cluster head just works as a relay node to help member nodes shorten the transmission distance in the whole process in Computer for students.