Download Ns2.35 to Install in Windows 7

        At this moment, let’s discuss about the required steps that are used for the process of downloading network simulator 2 and to be installed in windows 7 through this article.

Download Ns2.35

        As the first process, we have to implement all the required steps for the downloading of network simulator 2.35 in windows 7.

  • In the windows OS, we have to type “C:\cygwin\” in the box that appears in the search bar and then press enter
  • Then, click and drag the ns-allinone-2.27.tar.gz file into the window that appears
  • To start Cygwin, type “Cygwin” in the search box that appears and press enter
  • Following that, we have to type “gzip –d ns-allinone-2.27.tar.gz” in the command window and press enter
  • In addition, type “tar –xvf ns-allinone-2.27.tar” in the command window and then press enter and that finishes extracting Ns2 from the compressed tar file
  • Then, we have to access the new Ns2 folder by typing cd ns-allinone-2.27
  • Type “./install” in command window to install Ns2

         To this end, we hope that we have provided the required processes and steps to install the network simulator 2. If you guys have any queries, you can contact us.